How To Increase The Headphone Volume On OnePlus 6

If there is one thing that Android devices can improve when compared to iPhones, it’s the headphone sound quality. I have used my fair share of Android phones, from the Galaxy Y to the Galaxy Note 8, Nexus 6P, Sony Xperia Z2 to name a (very) few. I have also used iOS devices from time to time – the old iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPhone SE to name a few. And there is one thing that I absolutely love about the Apple devices, the headphone jack sound quality. There is no match for it in the Android world. Even the Pixels and Galaxies can put up of a fight.

And the OnePlus 6 is no exception. Make no mistake, OnePlus 6 is an absolutely brilliant product. From the software to the build quality, OnePlus has put in a lot of thought into this phone and it shows. But hey, let us face it – the headphone jack output volume is not that great, like any other Android device. And don’t even get me started on the quality of the vibration motor that comes with the device – absolute trash.


While we may have to live with the mediocre vibration motor, we have a way to increase the headphone sound quality on the OnePlus 6. In this guide, we will tell you how you can increase the headphone volume of OnePlus 6.

You need root for this method to work.


  1. Rooted OnePlus 6: How to Unlock Bootloader and Root OnePlus 6.
  2. A Root File Explorer. We recommend using MiXplorer. It’s free. 

Guide To Increase Headphone Jack Volume On OnePlus 6

Step 1 – Spot the mixer_paths_tavil.xml file.

Basically, we are going to edit a few lines in a file called mixer_paths_tavil.xml. You can find this file in the root/vendor/etc path on your device.

Step 2 – Making changes to the mixer_paths_tavil.xml file.

Once you find the aforementioned file, simply tap on the file and open it. Use the search function of the text editor you are using and search for <path name=”headphones”>. There will be a lot of lines of code under this, we are only going to make changes to “RX1 Mix Digital Volume” and “RX2 Mix Digital Volume“. 

The default value is 80. You can try increasing it gradually. I set the value to 90.

Caution: Increasing the value to abnormal levels might damage your ears and/or the device. Exercise common sense! :=)

Step 3 – Reboot and profit.

After making the changes, do not forget to save the changes. Finally, reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

Final Thoughts

This mod has been around since the days of OnePlus 3. I still remember being disappointed with the headphone volume on my beloved OnePlus 3 and ended up finding a similar mod (the file name was different back then). The default volume would satisfy most users, while, audiophiles and people who like loud music would be disappointed. This mod should increase the volume quite a bit although very high values will totally ruin the experience. Exercise caution and common sense while making changes to the file.

Source: XDA Portal

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