5 Tips to Improve OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Looking for ways to improve the battery life on your OnePlus 7 Pro? Here are some actionable steps with which you can increase OnePlus 7 Pro Battery life.

OnePlus has gained a quite a bit of fan following and great reputation in a short span of time. From the very modest OnePlus one to the latest OnePlus 7 Pro, things have changed quite a lot. This is the year when OnePlus stopped making flagship killers and started making flagships. OnePlus 7 Pro is a true flagship in every sense of the word. It comes with a gigantic 6.67-inch QHD Display with a refresh rate of 90Hz, which is absolutely fluid to use. And maybe, that is the reason why OnePlus decided to call it Fluid AMOLED display? I wouldn’t blame them if they did!

In this article, we will tell you how you can improve the battery life of OnePlus 7 Pro.

The Problem with OnePlus 7 Pro Battery life

With a screen size that big and a QHD display resolution, we already have enough power to put the battery out in no time. Couple that up with 90Hz refresh rate and your device battery is going to take some pretty serious hit, no doubts about that. OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a big 4000 mAh battery. We would have called it a great battery, had it not been for the gigantic screen size and the crazy, never seen before refresh rate.

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So, the 6.67-inch display + QHD Resolution + 90Hz refresh rate are going to do everything they can to bring down the battery in no time. And if you are planning to play games with 90Hz refresh rate, you are putting in even more load on the battery.

Tips to Improve OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life

You can follow the tips mention below to do some damage control and save up some battery.

1. Reduce the Screen Resolution and Refresh Rate

If you have not noticed already, OnePlus 7 Pro is the first OnePlus device to ever feature a QHD Display panel. That’s right. There is a reason why OnePlus stuck with FHD Displays for so long even when their competition switched to QHD a long time ago. Money. (Yeah, let’s get that out of the way). And the other reason is battery life. Users like compact and thin devices and hence the manufacturers are forced to budge for that pressure and make their device thinner every year. In that effort, they tend to make some sacrifices. One of the big ones is the battery capacity. So, with an FHD Panel, you wouldn’t need as much battery as a QHD Panel.

Luckily, even in OnePlus 7 Pro, you have settings to customize the display resolution and refresh rate too. Head off to Settings > Display settings and reduce the value for both the screen resolution and refresh rate too.

2. Isolate Apps that Drain Your Battery

  • Open your “Settings” app from the app drawer.
  • Tap on Battery settings.
  • Here all the apps that are using your device battery will be displayed in the descending order: apps with most usage will be listed first.
  • Isolate such apps and remove/stop them if not needed.
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3. Turn Off Unnecessary Hardware Features

This is one of the highly recommended action items for any of our users. Many users forget to turn off features such as Wifi even when they are not using it or don’t need it. You’ll be at your home, using your home WiFi and when you head out, you might not turn it off. Always turn off unwanted features like WiFi, NFC, data connection, Bluetooth, Location and similar things when not in use. Not only will you save some of your battery but also ease some of the workloads of your processor. Nobody requires these features 24*7 and it is wise to turn these off when not in need.

4. Say No to Live Wallpapers And Unnecessary Widgets

There is no doubt that live wallpapers are a joy to look at and use on our device’s home screen but at the same time, it requires more processing power than normal picture wallpaper and in turn affects battery life. Static wallpapers are so much battery friendly. Use an all black wallpaper if you don’t care about wallpapers at all. AMOLED Displays love dark wallpapers.

Widgets are yet another cool feature of Android. They serve a lot of functions but at the same time can take a toll on your device’s battery life. Widgets need to be constantly refreshed to always provide you with the updated information. So, use them only if they are absolutely needed.

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5. Use a Dark Theme

OnePlus 7 Pro rocks an AMOLED display panel, and hence it is highly recommended to set a dark wallpaper and an overall dark theme for your device as these displays switches off the pixels to have a black colored region. Since the pixels are turned off, they do not consume battery power. Hence, try to use dark modes of different apps on your phone with an OLED display. It is even advised to reduce the screen timeout to the lowest possible to save some of your battery’s juice. Set the timeout to the shortest available in your settings so the display will essentially go into a sleep mode when not in use.

Final Words

OnePlus 7 Pro is an absolute powerhouse. It comes with a powerful processor and GPU – both of which are not very battery friendly. The moment you decide to buy a device as powerful as OnePlus 7 Pro, you must know that you are not going to get the battery life of a midrange device. These devices are designed to give you the best experience and performance and that comes at a cost – the battery life. The steps which we have laid out above should help you improve battery life on OnePlus 7 Pro for sure. Just follow the best practices and you should be good.

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  1. I am still new to 7 Pro and yes it is a power house. at this time I am fiddling with 90 hz and 60 hz. And yes I am getting better battery life useing 60 hz. but why buying this phone and not get full value of the phone even if it is draing the battery. just plug it in to warp charger when home. love the phone and can highly recommend it. 🙂
    Even the camera on this phone is good


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