How to Enable Dual [Stereo] Speakers on Galaxy Note 8

A detailed step by step guide on how to enable Stereo Speakers on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 is undeniably one the best smartphone money can buy right now. The in-depth reviews are out now and the reviewers are absolutely in love with the device, just like the users are. The device packs all the RAW power that makes it a worthy flagship in 2017. The infinity display, the dual cameras with the live focus feature, the S Pen, and the insanely premium build quality are what makes the Galaxy Note 8 stand out of the crowd. Although, there is one small thing that bothers a lot of users – the absence of Stereo speakers. That would have made the phone even more attractive to a whole lot of users. The Stereo Speakers are an absolute pleasure to have when you are watching videos or playing games. If you have been missing the Stereo Speakers on your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, don’t worry anymore, we have got you covered.

Stereo Speaker Mod for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

To make our already wonderful Galaxy Note8, even more so, today we present you the Stereo Speaker Mod for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This MOD will help you to enable or simulate to be precise, dual/stereo speakers on your Galaxy Note8. What this MOD sets out to do is that it makes a few changes to the mixer_paths.xml file in /system/etc folder to achieve this feature. So, it goes without saying that you will need root and/or a custom recovery to successfully install this Mod. All credit goes to the XDA Forum Senior Member ProtoDeVNan0.


Download Dual/Stereo Speaker Mod For Galaxy Note 8

As I said before, this mod looks to change some values in the mixer_paths.xml file on your device. It is a pretty huge (and important) file, so, making changes to it manually might be a cumbersome process. So, we have got you the modified file which you can simply replace (guide for that in next section) and get this done. You can download the modified mixer_paths.xml file by clicking below:

Steps to Install Dual/Stereo Speaker Mod on Galaxy Note 8

Follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Download the modified mixer_paths.xml file from the downloads section above and copy it to your Galaxy Note 8.
  2. Open any Root File Explorer of you choice. We have used ES File Explorer which you can download by clicking below: 
  3. Copy the modified mixer_paths.xml.
  4. Go to /system/etc folder on the root file explorer.
  5. Paste and Overwrite/Replace the current mixer_paths.xml with the modded one.
  6. Set permissions to RW-R–R– or 0644 or 644. See the picture below for reference:root-permissions-644
  7. Reboot & enjoy!

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