Google Starts Rolling Out Pixel System Updates via Play Store

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Traditionally, we have been getting system updates for our smartphones under the Settings menu. But now reports suggest that Google started rolling out the Android Q via Play Store. Some users who have registered themselves for the Beta 2 of Android Q, are receiving automatic Google Play Store updates. This means that the user is not required to do anything. However, there are no official statements released by Google on this matter. But, if this is true, then in future the system updates, whenever available, will automatically get downloaded.

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According to a report in Android Police, many Reddit users are receiving the Beta Update via Play Store. This is similar to getting an Android app update. The software update with build number QPP2.190228.023 has been received by the users as regular update mechanism. While many others claim that they are receiving this update via Google Play Store.

Source: Reddit

Many users also commented that after installation the device automatically restarts. Now, without any official statements from Google, it is unclear whether there is any kind of warning or permission asked before the installation of the update or not. However, if it is true that update for Android Q is being rolled out via Play Store, the point to note that it is still in testing mode.

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Which means that this method of sending out updates have more scope of improvements and until it is ready, it will not be available for Android users around the World. It will be interesting to see if this method is implemented or not. As previously Google has tried efforts like Project Treble and A/B seamless updates but, were unable to deliver what was promised.

Whatever be the result, Google has aroused the interests of Android fans, developers, and Smartphone manufacturers with changes in the update roll out mechanism.

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