Google Reveals The Next Generation Google Assistant Which is 10x Super Fast

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

In the recently concluded I/O 2019 event, Google released the new version of the Google Voice Assistant. The new version comes packed with loads of new features and can run smoothly on devices rather than in the cloud.

Google revealed that they were able to achieve almost zero latency with this version. This will improve the Multi-tasking ability of the Google Assistant. You now do not need to say the phrase “OK Google” each time when you ask a query. The new assistant is now able to answer to strings of multiple queries.

You can also watch below, the new revamped version of the Google Voice Assistant in the official video released by Google.

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The new update also brings new speech recognition and language understanding modules. This lowers the usage of cloud modules by less than half a gigabyte. This means that now the assistant will run on-device thus, enabling it to process speech on the device itself with zero latency.

You will also experience faster email dictating and on-device speech recognition. The update makes the Assitant more personal. You can talk to it like you are having a conversation with your friend.

Lastly, it has also enhanced the driving mode features. You can now make calls or navigation more easily. Google said that the next-gen Google Assistant will first appear on the Pixel phones coming later this year. Other Android devices are expected to get this new version much later.

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