Google Reportedly Thinks Banning Huawei Is A Bad Idea

Ever since Huawei took over the position of Apple as the number 2 smartphone maker globally in terms of the number of phones shipped, it is sending big ripples in the smartphone world for various reason. Last year the Pentagon banned the sale and use of Huawei phones and other types of equipment in US Military Bases and the entire Huawei controversy started regarding banning Huawei. Since then, Huawei’s CFO has been arrested in Canada as per the US’s request, another Huawei employee gets arrested in Poland over spying charges, Australia bans Huawei’s telecommunication equipment followed by Britain and Japan. And then the final nail in the coffin- Trump Administration effectively bans Huawei with a national security order resulting in Google, Microsoft, ARM and the other US companies suspending trade with Huawei effectively within 90 days.

With Google suspending trade with Huawei, Huawei phones would not receive official updates from Google, Google apps and services would not come preinstalled in Huawei devices. Many take of this as a piece of bad news for Huawei folks but in reality, it may not be as big as it seems to be. Huawei is the leading smartphone manufacturer in China and Google services are already banned in China for a really long time now. This means Huawei has already got ample time to build its own ecosystem of services to replace Google apps and services. Take the Play Store as an example. Huawei has its App Gallery built into EMUI, Huawei’s interpretation of Android, to replace the Play Store. Huawei users have always used App Gallery to download and install the apps on their phones. And as Android is an open source platform, anyone can use it so as Huawei despite losing its Android license. Google knows this very well and the following are some of the reasons why Google thinks banning Huawei will backfire upon the US and its security.


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How Banning Huawei Might Backfire Upon The US

  • Since Android is an open source platform, Huawei is still able to develop Android the way it wants. Moreover, Google cannot now supervise its Android development prospects as it has already ditched Huawei of its Android license. This also implies there would not be Google Play Protect guarding Huawei phones of malicious apps and spyware.
  • This version of Android which will be developed by Huawei will be more prone to hacks and if somebody sends any sensitive data to someone who uses a Huawei device running this insecure version of Android can easily be tracked and hacked no matter how secure end to end encryption is.

Huawei is reportedly developing its own OS. At this stage, it is not clear if it will be a forked version of Android or an entirely new OS. It has been reported that Google officials are in talks with the government administration to come up to some settlement which is even for both the parties. The Huawei-US war seems far from over with Huawei’s Android Licence comes to an end in August this year as per government order.

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