Google Play Is Changing The Way How App Ratings Work

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

During Google’s I/O Event, Google revealed that it will revamp the way the app rating works. This means that more relevant apps reviews will be given more weight when considering app ratings. This is a major update as Google was previously accused of not accurately rating apps on the Play Store. Moreover, older reviews also highlight the previous bugs and glitches which are fixed with new updates.

At present, Google treats every app individually by giving equal metric. However, it is not clear how the new rating method will work. This function is similar to the update that Apple brought to their rating system, two years ago. Apple introduced a feature that allowed the developers to reset an app or game’s rating whenever a new update is released.

Kobi Glick, Google Play Product Lead wrote on the company’s developer blog, “Many of you told us that you want a rating that reflects a more current version of your app, not what it was years ago and we agree. So instead of a lifetime cumulative value, your Google Play Store rating will be recalculated to give more weight to your most recent ratings”.

This new rating system is expected to roll out this summer. It will also be exciting to see how this new rating system helps the developers and the users to improve their user experience.

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Google's New Auto Reply Feature for Developers

The new rating system will also come with a new reply feature. This will enable the developers to respond to user reviews more efficiently. This will auto-generate three replies for developers. They can customize the responses or use it as it is. This feature is only available in English but Google says that more language support will be added in the future. This feature is already available for the developers and they can see their improved rating feature by logging into their accounts.

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