Google Pixel C is dead (and so are our Android tablet dreams)


The Google Pixel C is the last tablet announced by Google which ran Android and it looks like that the tablet has come to the end of its official update cycle. Announced way back in 2015, it was discontinued from the Google Store in December 2017. According to Google’s official statement regarding the update cycles, Pixel phones and tablets will get security updates for at least 18 months from when the Google Store last sold the device. This means that 18 months have already passed since Pixel C was last sold and it has not yet received the July update. The last major software update it received was in the form of Android Oreo(8.1) update.

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This very well may mean that the Pixel C’s updates have been permanently discontinued though Google has not made any official announcement regarding the same. Saying so, it is impressive on the Android side of things that a device gets 4 years of support from the manufacturer. If you are still happy with your tablet, you can join the custom ROM bandwagon anytime you wish.

Let me know your thoughts on Pixel C’s demise in the comments down below.

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