Google Is Having A Hard Time Naming Android Q

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Google Android Q is already available for developers and beta testers and is getting a good response from them. They released its third beta at the recently concluded I/O event 2019. But the matter of the fact is, Google is finding it hard to name this version of the Android OS.

Google always has kept the name of the desserts for their OS like Android Marshmellow, KitKat, Oreo, etc. But this one looks hard, as stated by Google. It included the names of the deserts since the Android 1.5 Cupcake. But, there are not many deserts starting with the letter Q.

Sameer Samat, Google’s VP of Product Management for Android and Play, said, “We’re super excited about the desserts. At the same time, Q is a hard letter. But we’re looking at it.” 

Google will definitely come around for a name for this one. Moreover, they have collaborated with big brands like KitKat and Oreo in the past to live up to their image. The name of the Android Q version will be announced before launching it in the second half of the year. If it’s features are to look at, it has better privacy control, enhanced biometric protection, gesture navigation, project mainline, dark mode, smart reply, etc.

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The name that is popping up is the “Quince Jam” which is unlikely and is hard to remember but, we have gotten names like Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Froyo in the past. We will have to wait till the official name is announced and till then everything is a rumor at best. Stay tuned to ThemeFoxx for more exciting news regarding the tech world.

Source: MSN

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