Google Is Facing Antitrust Investigation From US Justice Department

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Google has come under the radar of several Governments a lot in the past couple of years for various reasons. Now, according to a report, the United States Justice Department has taken early steps towards opening a federal antitrust investigation against Google. This is yet another chapter in Google’s long history of war with regulators around the world. Not to forget that the European Union has been a leading force in actions against Google which handed down roughly $9 billion (roughly Rs. 62,621 crores) in fines against the company over the last three years.

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Several US tech giants came under the US Government’s radar in the past few months including the Social Media giant Facebook. Many top executives from major tech companies had to appear and answer the questions the US Government had regarding their business practices. The current antitrust move puts Google back under the US Governments microscope roughly six years after another US federal agency probed the search and advertising behemoth on grounds that it’s business practices threatened competitors. But there were no major punishments last time.

The Department of Justice’s antitrust division, led by Makan Delrahim, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Google declined to comment as well.

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The exact focus of the investigation is not very clear yet. Many regulators around the world believe that the company is too large and threatens rivals and consumers. By the current look of it, Google might come under harsh examination of each and every inch of its vast digital empire ranging from Web Search, Advertising, and even some newer initiatives such as self-driving cars and robotics.

What is about to come of this new antitrust allegation against the search giant is yet to be seen. More fines? Let us wait and see.

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