7 Best goo.gl URL Shortener Alternatives to Shrink URLs


If you are looking for solid goo.gl alternatives, do take a look at our comprehensive list of best goo.gl alternatives. With Google’s recent announcement of goo.gl being decommissioned, this list of sites like goo.gl will come in handy when needed.

goo.gl was Google’s URL shortening service which was launched in 2009. It was made available for everyone in 2010. The user can access a list of URLs that have been shortened in the past after logged in to their Google Account. And the user can see the details the “details” link next to any of shortened URL, where public, real-time analytics data, including traffic over time, top referrers, and visitor profiles can be found. It has gained a lot of traffic over the course in time due to its ease of use and convenience.

Best goo.gl Alternatives

But in a recent announcement, Google announced that it is shutting down its URL shortening platform. It was further added that links created before April 13, 2018, will still be active but no new links can be created henceforth.

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So, if you have been using goo.gl URL shortening service and is looking for some worthy alternatives to shorten your links, here is my list for best goo.gl alternatives.

1. is.gd

is.gd is one of the most URL shortening service. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to basic link shortening. You don’t have do much. Just copy the genuine link and paste in the required box and click go. One can even customise the generated shortened URL as per their wish. The best thing is that the website is pretty minimal and even works in slow internet connection.

2. geni.us

It is officially know as ‘GeniusLink’. It is a very popular URL shortening platform. It has a lot of traffic from affiliate marketers, bloggers and business associates. It has tools that helps the persons that click in those shortened links to be redirected to the Amazon store of your region. If you aren’t into affiliate marketing, then also it is a great platform to shorten your links. One can even have custom URLs. The only downside is the fact that all of it’s features are on the premium side and there isn’t anything available for free.

3. ouo.io

If you are one who is looking for ways to earn money on the internet, this can be helpful. This link shortening service will let you earn money through advertisements. Whenever someone clicks on these shortened links, they will be shown an ad before being redirected to the required webpage.

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4. bit.do

bit.do is a great URL shortening platform for those who loves minimalism. The website interface is very sleek and anyone can use it very conveniently. One can customize their links and can also track the traffic from those links. It does it’s job perfectly.

5. Tiny URL

There isn’t much to speak about this. There are no add-ons other than link shortening here. The only thing you can do here is to shorten the link by following very simple steps. If you want to customise your link or looking for their statistics, this won’t serve your purpose. Saying so, it can be a good alternative to goo.gl.

6. Snip.ly

This is another premium URL shortening platform in this list but you get a lot of features for the price you pay like call to action button, custom text, subscription buttons, images and many more. One can even track the way his or her link is performing. There is a free version of this service available but you won’t get access to all it’s features and the shortened link will cease to be active after 1000 clicks. The premium features are worth a trial with the base plan starting at 29 USD per month.

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7. bitly

Long before Google decided to deactivate their URL shortening service- goo.gl, bitly was regarded the best URL shortening service around the globe. Open the website, paste your link in the required area, wait for a second and you get your job done. You can easily track the way your shortened link is behaving and do much other handy stuff. The only drawback is that the free plan only supports 500 clicks but the premium plans are worth the money.


These are our picks for the best goo.gl alternatives. I hope that after reading this article, you won’t be missing goo.gl the way you used to miss it when it got deactivated. These are the best 7 URL shortening services on the web that I have tried out. Let us know about your experience with these link shortening services. In case I missed to mention anything, please let me know in the comments section down below.

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