Get Ready To See More Ads From Google On Your Phones

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

In a recent official report by Google, the company will start pushing more mobile ads to make it simple for the user to purchase the products of their interest. The annoying “Discovery Ads” will be available for advertisers across the globe. It is also said to be a new way of reaching customers and provide them information about things they are looking for.

Moreover, Google also announced that they will be releasing a new format of ads called the “Gallery Ads”. This format will include up-to 8 ads which can be scrolled by the user. Reach the official statement below;

By combining search intent with a more interactive visual format, gallery ads make it easier for you to communicate what your brand has to offer. We’ve found that, on average, ad groups including one or more gallery ad have up to 25 percent more interactions—paid clicks or swipes—at the absolute top of the mobile Search results page.

What is more annoying than the standard ads will now pop up in Google’s discover feed which you can see implemented on many apps or Android home screens. Lastly, Google plans to bring the “Showcase Shopping ads” such as Google Images, Discover Feed, and YouTube. This is a highly visual ad format that includes rich lifestyle imagery into Shopping ads.

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Ads are annoying and we always try to find a way of getting rid of it. But, on the other hand, Google is developing more and more formats of ads to make the user experience bad. The company this year, will also introduce new, immersive ways for shoppers to discover and compare millions of products from thousands of shops with a redesigned Google Shopping experience. Customers will also be able to filter products based on features, brands, and reviews using a personalized homepage on the Shopping tab.

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