Get iPhone X Gestures Based Navigation On Android [No Root]

You can now get iPhones Gestures on any Android device. In this article, we will tell you how you can get iPhone X Gesture-based navigation on any Android device. You don’t need root to get iPhone X Gestures on your Android.

Last year in September, Apple announced the iPhone X. It was a giant leap for the tech giant as after so many generations of iPhones, Apple decided to change the design of its phones. It had many features that were the first from Apple like the 82% screen to body ratio, OLED display with 458 PPI pixel density, support for Dolby Vision and HDR 10, fast charging, a rear panel made of glass, wireless charging, IP67 certified water and dust resistance and that polarising notch.

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The main hardware difference between the iPhone X and the previous iPhones is the insane increase in the screen to body ratio from 58% to 82%. To achieve such high ratio, Apple decided to ditch the bezels from all around the display. This means there is no space for the physical home button cum fingerprint scanner and a display with a notch at the top to accommodate the sensors, front camera, and the earpiece.

Most of the phones in 2017, changed the position of their fingerprint scanners from the front to the rear panel and the physical navigation buttons paved way for the on-screen navigation buttons. Apple didn’t adopt this trend. It went on by replacing the Touch ID by the Face ID and the physical home button paved way for gesture-based navigation control.

OnePlus tried to replicate something similar by enabling its 5T users to replace the on-screen navigation buttons with a gesture-based navigation.

Now, if you are someone who wants to experience the same on your phone but don’t own an iPhone X or a OnePlus 5T, here is a guide to enable that on your device.

Steps to Get Gesture-Based Navigation in Any Android

  • Download Gesture Control – Next Level Navigation by Coneana from the Google Play Store.


  • Open the app from your app drawer.
  • Grant the required permissions that are asked for by the app.
  • Enter the Quick Settings Menu from the app’s home screen.
  • Change the required settings like assigning different gestures, changing the appearance of the home bar etc.

The default set of gestures include:

  • Swipe Up: Home.
  • Swipe Left: Back
  • Swipe Right: Notifications
  • Swipe Up and Hold: Recent apps
  • Swipe Left and hold: Split screen
  • Swipe Right and hold: Android Quick Settings
  • Swipe Halfway Up: No default
  • Swipe Halfway Up and hold: No default


Once done, you are good to go. It works well while using different apps as well. Here are some screenshots of the home-bar at different apps.

Note: I have used it on my Lenovo K8 Plus running Android 7.1.1 for more than a month now and i didn’t notice any issues. I believe any phone running Android 5+ can have this app working without any issues.

The only limitation of this app is that there is no way to hide the on-screen navigation bar if your device is not rooted. If your device is rooted, download and install Navigation Bar Remover/ Activator by Coneana from the Google Play Store to remove the navigation bar.

This is the easiest way to get iPhone X like Gesture-Based Navigation in any Android phone. Let us know about your experience using Gesture Control in your device in the comments section below.

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