Get Google Pixel Navigation Bar on ANY Android Device [No Root]

Google Pixel and Google Pixel are undoubtedly among the best smartphones introduced in the last year. Sure, there were some missing features but overall, they sure were a winner. While the Google Pixel did not bring any groundbreaking visual changes, there certainly were some nice changes here and there, look wise. Among the said changes, one which caught a lot of people’s attentions is the Google Pixel Navigation Bar. Unlike the previous iterations of Android, the navigation bar icons were filled with solid white color and it looked kinda nice. Thanks to the extremely talented XDA Forum member FaserF, we now have a way to get the exact same navigation bar on your device. Read along to know how to get Google Pixel Navigation Bar on Any Android Device without root.

Steps to Get Google Pixel Navigation Bar

Please follow the below steps carefully:

google pixel navigation bar on any android device no root needed • Get Google Pixel Navigation Bar on ANY Android Device [No Root]
    1. Download this app:
      Navbar Apps
      Price: Free
    2. Note that in order to achieve what we are looking for, you need to buy the pro version of the app. You can simply search for a cracked version of the app in Google – but not recommended. Show some support to the Developer!
    3. Download the Pixel Navbar that I have made for my OnePlus 3 here: Download. You can use this for your device as well (if your screen resolution is 1080p). If it doesn’t follow the guide in the next section to make your own for your device, it is REALLY easy!
    4. Open the app and grant the permissions it needs.
  1. Select the ‘Images’ section and tap on the small setting icons in the top right
  2. Tap on the ‘+’ icon and the choose the downloaded file (or the file you have made for your device).google-pixel-navigation-bar-for-all-devices-no-root
  3. The file will be imported to the app. Simply select the
  4. Done!

Create Your Own Google Pixel NavBar for your Device

Follow the below steps to create your own Google Pixel Navigation bar for your device:

Note: I have used Paint.NET in this tutorial. It is completely free. You can get it from here: Download Paint.NET

  1. You can download the Google Pixel Navigation bar buttons from here: Download. Thanks to FaserF, again!
  2. Take a screenshot (the best would be with NO transparency and with a black background!)
  3. Open the screenshot in a picture editor and delete everything except the Navigation Bar.
  4. Save the navigation bar alone as a separate file.
  5. Open the navigation bar file you saved. Now import (Simply copy the image file – paste it inside the Paint.NET picture editor) the pixel navigation bar icons you downloaded previously in the first step and place them inside the image, one by one.
  6. While importing select the ‘Keep canvas size‘ option. google-pixel-navigation-bar-on-any-device-without-root
  7. Repeat the same till you place all the icons in their respective place.
  8. Make the rest of the image transparent. Simply select the black area and delete it. Refer images below:
  9. Save the completely transparent Pixel Navigation Bar image file in ‘PNG‘ format.
  10. Done! 🙂

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