9 Best Game Hacking Apps for Android [With and Without Root]

If you have been searching for the best game hacker apps for Android, then this guide will be the perfect one for you. This would be perfect for those who are interested in Android games. Read ahead to find out the best Android game hacking apps which you can use with and without root!

Everyone loves to play games from time to time. Some people love to play outdoor games and some love to play indoor games. In this digital and mobile age, games are evolving at a very high rate. There are lot new and interesting games being developed and released for public use every single day. I guess now it is safe to say that Mobile gaming has gained more popularity than PC and console games given the number of smartphones we have in use at the moment. In this article, we have listed out some of the best game hacking apps available for Android at the moment.


Best Game Hacker Apps for Android

It is important to note here that some of the apps mentioned in this list require root and some does not need root. Based on whether or not you have rooted your device, you can download and use the necessary apps. But a little heads-up, you would be able to get best results if you are using a rooted Android device!

Here comes the list of best game hacking apps APK:

1. Freedom App


Freedom is probably the best and most widely used Android game hacking app available at the moment. The great thing about Freedom apps is that it can hack both Android games and apps. The Freedom App is quite useful for those who do not have a credit or debit card and would want to try out the games. You download the Freedom App [Edit: Link Removed] by clicking below:

2. XModGames


If you own a rooted Android device, XModGames is the only Android Game hacking app that you would ever need. XModGames supports a wide variety of Android games such as the Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Minecraft and Clash of Clans.

One of the highlights of this app is that it has a very simple user interface which is easy for the user to navigate. The regular updates from the app developer mean that all the latest games and apps will be supported. You can download XModGames from this link.

3. SB Game Hacker


SB Game Hacker is another popular Android Game hacking apps available at the moment. SB Game hacker provides more control to the user in the games they are playing. SB Game hacker allows the user to modify the game files to increase points and cash inside the game. Basically, you can easily edit the game data with SB Game Hacker. You can download the SB Game Hacker APK from here.

4. CheatEngine


Cheat Engine App is definitely one among the best when it comes to providing tools for hacking Android Games. It is also important to note here that this app is open source, so you can download it free. Another advantage of being open source is that the device is being constantly developed as it is open source.

With CheatEngine, it will only take few seconds for you to customize any game you wish. You can upgrade weapons, add new characters, etc. You can download CheatEngine APK from here.

5. GameCIH


This is also one of the open source game hacking apps for Android available at the moment. Due to the open source nature of the apps, there are a lot of contributors to this app and you can easily download it for free.

It is important to note here that your Android device needs to be rooted if you want to run this app. But apart from that, the app is darn near perfect for gamers and Android modders. You can get the GameCIH APK from here.

6. Lucky Patcher


Well, if you have been using Android long enough and have been looking for a way to mod your Android apps and games, it is impossible that you have never heard of Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is probably the most famous Game hacker app available for Android. It has got a lot of tricks up its sleeve. You will have to use it to understand what I mean!

7. CreeHack


CreeHack is yet another complete solution for anyone looking for Android app and game hacking apps. While Online games are the specialty of the CreeHack app, it can also mod offline games too. You can mod the offline games and change the game values to get unlimited gold, coins, cash, scores, etc. You can download CreeHack APK by clicking here.

8. LeoPlay Card


If you do not own a rooted Android device but still would love to try out an app to hack Android games and apps, then this one definitely the one you are looking for. This app does not need root to be installed on your device. You can download LeoPlayCard from here.

Those were our picks for the best Game Hacking apps for Android. Did we miss any of your favorite apps that you use regularly? Do let us know in the comments below!

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