Fix Unfortunately SuperSU has Stopped Error on Android

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

If you are looking for a way to Fix Unfortunately SuperSU has Stopped Error on Android, then we have got you covered. SuperSU is very stable and reliable and it seldom causes any errors. But when it does, it could get annoying. Today we will guide you on how to fix on such errors – Unfortunately, SuperSU has Stopped. Today we will tell you how to fix the “Unfortunately SuperSU has Stopped” Error on Android Devices.

Nowadays many Android users have been reporting an error named “Unfortunately SuperSU has Stopped” while using the root management app SuperSU.

If you are one of that person having a rooted Android device and facing an error similar to this, and looking for a guide to fix this problem, then you are in the right place; this guide will show you on how to fix this problem with ease.

So some of you here might be new to this concept of rooting and most of them might not even be aware of what actually rooting means, well for those who know are afraid of attempting to gain root because it voids the warranty of the phone and also because of the risk involved in the procedure but however there are millions of android users who are very passionate about their phone and also who loves to explore new things on their devices coz they believe that the real joy of using Android lies in using it to its full extent and that comes through custom rooting their device.

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By Using these root apps, custom kernels, mods, and ROMs, you can fix the issues like lag in performance, battery drain and also customize parts of the UI. The same root access that proves to be a remedy for a whole lot of issues sometimes becomes a problem for itself when you start getting a warning that your phone doesn’t have a proper root access because SuperSU has stopped working.

In many cases, the issue pops up right after you finish rooting your phone. So having installed SU binaries during the rooting procedure, we need to install a separate root manage app called SuperSU/Superuser which is used to manage root permissions on the device. If the SuperSU app or the SU binaries have not been installed properly on your phone, you’re likely to face this problem. So today through this article we are here to guide you on how we can fix “Unfortunately SuperSU has Stopped” error on Android devices.

Fixing “SuperSU has Stopped” Error

1. Download the latest flashable SuperSU update package: Download SuperSU Zip

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2. Copy the zip to your device and flash it using a custom recovery like CWM/TWRP/PhilZ.

3. In case you don’t have a custom recovery installed on your device, extract the SuperSU zip file and open the extracted folder. Go the folder named “common” and copy the Superuser.apk to your phone. Enable Unknown sources option in Settings> Security and then install the Apk.

4. Then go to the Play Store and install the SuperSU app: 

Price: Free

Now you can reboot your device and you will see the “Unfortunately SuperSU has Stopped” error is fixed by now. This is the easiest way to fix the issue and it should work fine on any Android device.

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