Fix ‘Sorry There Was A Problem With Your Request Error’ on Instagram

Earlier today, while I was using Instagram on my phone, I was logged-out out of nowhere automatically. I thought this must be some sort of a server glitch and when I tried to log in to the Instagram app, I got the error ‘Sorry there was a problem with your request‘. Still thinking this must be some sort of temporary issue at Instagram’s side, I decided to give it a few minutes before trying to login again. Even after some time, I kept getting the same error when trying to login.

Obviously, I then decided that the issue with the Instagram app installed on my device. So, I then uninstalled the app and re-installed the app freshly from the Google Play Store and then tried to log in again. Well, you guessed it right. Same error again.


After a little Googling, I found out that Instagram has banned a bunch of IP address (for unknown reasons) and my IP was one among them. Surprisingly, the web version of Instagram was still accessible for my account which is a relief. At least now, I know that this is nothing related to my account but merely to my device or IP address.

Fix ‘Sorry there was a problem with your request’ Error

Just like after facing any issues, I spent countless hours watching YouTube videos and several articles in many websites trying to figure out the root cause as to why this particular error could have happened and how this could be rectified. But most of the solutions that were provided were not useful for me. Some of the solutions required to root my device while others wanted to completely reset the data on my device. I did not want to do either of them as I have so much data on my device which I cannot afford to lose.

If you are in the same situation as me, then do not worry, we are going to get back access of your Instagram app one way or another. If you still have access to your Instagram account on a web browser, then all is not lost. In this article, we are going to share some useful method by which you can permanently get rid of the “Sorry There Was A Problem With Your Request” Instagram error on your Instagram app.

Why the ‘Sorry there was a problem with your request’ error occurs?

If you still have not figured out the reason why you were locked out of your Instagram app on your phone, the below could be the few of the many reasons why:

  • You have violated Instagram Policy.
  • You have posted some offensive stuff.
  • Your account has been reported in mass numbers by others.

If any of the above things happen, then there is a good chance that your account might be temporarily banned by Instagram on that particular device, in this case, the device is your mobile phone. But if you this you have no violated any Instagram policy, you can always reach out to Instagram via email and ask to reconsider the ban. More often than not, these bans are automatic and if you are found to be not at fault on review, your account will be restored in no time.

Even when during the time of the ban, you should be able to access your Instagram account on other devices and web. But if you want to access your Instagram app on your own device, the following are some of the action that you might want to look into.

How to Unblock Instagram Account or Fix Login Issue on Instagram

There are a handful of methods to get you Instagram account access back and we have listed them all out in this article. If one method doesn’t work, give the other ones a shot.

1. Log in to Instagram via Facebook

This is the easiest way to get rid of this error in a short period of time. Here you just need to link your Facebook account with your Instagram to get rid of this error.

  1. Open the Instagram website on any browser of your mobile phone or desktop.
  2. Log In to your Instagram account via the browser.
  3. Go to Settings on your Instagram account and make sure to remove any Facebook account you might have added previously.
  4. Next, create a fresh new Facebook account which will be used to connect to your Instagram account.
  5. Once you have created the new Facebook account, grab another mobile phone where you can log in to your Instagram account via application without getting the error. DO NOT use the same device where you were getting the error previously.
  6. Log In to the Instagram account on the application via the above said mobile phone.
  7. Open Settings of your Instagram account on your app and Connect Facebook account which we have created previously.
  8. Now, in your own device (where you were getting the error) clear data of the Instagram app.
  9. After clearing data re-open the Instagram app.
  10. Login with Facebook on Instagram.
  11. Voila! Your Instagram Account will be logged in successfully and you will no longer face Sorry there was a problem with your request error.

2. Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

This is another trick we use to get your Instagram account access back. Do not worry, you are only going to disable it for a short period of time.

  1. Log in to your Instagram Account on the website from a computer.
  2. Go to your Profile > Click on Edit Profile.
  3. Now click on Temporarily disable my account.
  4. Give some reason for disabling the account and please be noted that you can only disable your account once in a week.
  5. Now wait for 6 hours approximately and do not try to log in your account during this period.
  6. After six hours try logging in to your account via the Instagram application.
  7. Now you should be able to log in to your Instagram account via the official app.

3. Using Parallel Space App

Frankly speaking, this is the method which worked out for me to get rid of Sorry there was a problem with your request error. In this method, we are simply going to make a clone of the existing official Instagram app to get things done. Follow the below steps to know more.

  1. First of all, download the Parallel Space app on your Android device from the Google Play Store.
  2. Once you have downloaded it, open it and create a clone of the Instagram application.
  3. A shortcut to the cloned Instagram application will be created on your device home page.
  4. Open the newly cloned Instagram application.
  5. Enter your Login credentials.
  6. You should now be able to log in to your Instagram account.
  7. Now you can use this cloned application to access your Instagram account.

4. Factory Reset Device

If none of the above methods work out for you then here is the final solution for you which you may not actually like. Please take backup of your personal data before following this method.

  1. Make sure you have taken a backup of your data before proceeding.
  2. Go to Settings on your device.
  3. Find the Factory Reset Device option.
  4. Proceed to Reset.
  5. Wait till the reset process is completed successfully.
  6. Once the device is reset and rebooted successfully, go to Google Play Store and download Instagram on your mobile phone.
  7. Log in to your account.
  8. See if you are able to log in to your Instagram account without any error.

5. Change IMEI & Android ID

This method is only for users with a rooted Android device. If your device is indeed rooted, follow the below procedure.

  1. At first, make sure that your mobile phone is rooted successfully. You can use the Root Checker app to see if your device is rooted.
  2. Uninstall the Instagram app from your mobile.
  3. Now change the IMEI Number & Android Id of your mobile. You can use apps from Google Play to achieve this.
  4. Reboot your mobile phone.
  5. Download Instagram from Google Play Store.
  6. Log in to your account.
  7. See if you are able to log in to your device.

We hope that this tutorial was helpful for you in getting rid of the Instagram Login Issue or Sorry there was a problem with your request error. Please note that not every method will not work for everyone. Everyone’s mileage will vary vastly. If your account is banned permanently from everywhere then this method will not work for you.

If you face any trouble while following the above steps, feel free to drop a comment below and we will help you out. Also, if any of the above methods work out for you, do let us know which one in the comments below so that others too can also benefit from the same.

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