Fix ‘Sim Network Unlock Pin’ On Android Devices

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Sim lock or Network lock is a restriction built into GSM and CDMA smartphones either by service providers or smartphone manufacturers to restrict the use of the device in certain regions or to restrict from accessing other network services. Phones can be programmed to accept only specific

  1. Mobile country code ( will work only in one/ predefined country.)
  2. Mobile subscriber identification number (MSIN accepts only certain SIM cards)
  3. Mobile network code ( accepts only a network provider.)

The main reason why the network providers SIM lock the phones are because the service providers offer the phones at discount prices and sell them service locked so that the customers use only their particular network so that the service providers can not only gain the discounts they offered but also new profits from the users access to their services. This method can increase the number of customers for both smartphone manufacturers and service providers. So they partner up to implement the business model.

Steps To Fix ‘SIM Network Unlock Pin’ On Android devices.

There are actually 4 methods by which you can unlock the SIM locked device. All of them are software based unlocking that you can try on your Android device.

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  • The device has to be Android. And the Android version should be newer than Android 5.0.
  • There should be enough storage capacity in the internal storage of your Android device.
  • The download from ‘unknown sources’ should be enabled if you are downloading applications from sources other than Google Play.

Method 1:  Using ‘Android SIM Unlock’ software.

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Enable USB debugging on your smartphone and connect to the PC via USB cable, click next.
  3. Set your Android device to service mode or Diagnostic mode. The code to get into this mode are ##3424#/ *#0808# / #9090#. Then select M+MODEM+ADB or UART [*]  on the device and click next. This takes you to the normal mode again.
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Method 2: Using GalaxSim Unlock software.

  • Download the application from play store.
  • Launch the app and check for the current status of the phone ( whether it is locked or unlocked).
  • Click on unlock the phone.
  • Wait for the software to unlock the device.
  • Now after the process is complete you have successfully unlocked your Android device.

To download GalaxSim click below:

GalaxSim Unlock
Price: Free

Method 3: Using ‘Unlock your phone fast and secure’ (Paid).

  1. Download and Install the software on your device.
  2. Complete a form that is produced by the application. These are the data regarding your device such as IMEI number, network, model of the phone etc. And click send.
  3. Pay using the PayPal, Credit card or Debit card payment options available.
  4. You will receive the code to unlock the phone vis Email. Using the code you can unlock the device.
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To download unlock your phone fast and secure, get the below

Method 4: Using ‘Unlock Authority’.

Unlock authority is a website that provides unlock services for sim locked phones. All you have to do is to

  • Visit Unlock authority website.
  • Fill the form. It contains the details regarding your phone.
  • Unlock code will be sent to you via email or phone number.
  • Use the code to unlock the device.

Unlocking the phone is almost universally legal, so you don’t need to worry too much about the consequences. Just try out any of the above-mentioned methods which are very easy. Hope this article helps you fix ‘Sim Network Unlock Pin’ On Android Devices.

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