How to Fix Notifications Disappearing Issue on OnePlus Devices

A detailed step by step guide on how to fix the annoying ‘Notification Disappearing’ Issue on OnePlus 3/3T/5. OnePlus is one of the rapidly growing smartphone manufacturers at the moment. The turned a lot of heads with their first device, the OnePlus One when it was initially launched. The device offered almost all the specs of a flagship device for half the price. Sure, there were manufacturers like Xiaomi who were offering devices with good specs for a lot less money but, OnePlus really upped the game when they came into existence. I owned the OnePlus One and right now, I have the OnePlus 3 and I couldn’t be happier. Though, there are a few hiccups here and there. One such thing is that the notifications are constantly disappearing from the notification tray.

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Notifications Disappearing Issue on OnePlus Devices

The notification disappearing issue on OnePlus devices is real. I have been missing a lot of notifications recently. I will come to know that I have missed a notification only when I open the app and see the notification from inside the app. This has happened a lot of times with the ‘Hangouts’ app. When I tried to find a solution online, I came to know that a lot of others also have the same issue. Even people using the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 are facing a similar issue. This issue does not occur when I use a custom ROM, rather, only when I am on Oxygen OS. So, I am guessing OnePlus is at fault here. After messing around with a couple of things, I guess I have found a way to fix the Notification disappearing issue on OnePlus 3/3T/5. Read ahead…

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Fix For Notifications Disappearing Issue on OnePlus 3/3T/5

There are actually, two things that you could try to avoid this annoying issue. I have given them both below; try and let me know the results.

Method 1: Disable Battery Optimization

The first thing that you could do is by starting with disabling the battery optimization of the app for which you have been missing the notification. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Battery.Fix-Notification-Disappearing-Issue-OnePlus-3-3T-5
  2. Tap on ‘Battery optimisation‘.Fix-Notification-Disappearing-Issue-OnePlus-3-3T-5
  3. You will be shown a list of apps. Tap on the app from which you have been missing notifications.
  4. Then tap ‘Don’t optimise‘.

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Method 2: Disable Aggressive Doze Mode

There is an option called Aggressive Doze mode which takes the doze mode a step further. It is not exactly clear on what exactly this option does but it is pretty clear that it is aggressively enforcing the doze mode on apps which might end up killing the apps and their corresponding notifications. Follow the below steps to disable Aggressive Doze Mode:

  1. Download an app called ‘Oxygen Hidden Settings’: 
    Oxygen Hidden Settings
    Price: Free+
  2. Open the app and tap on ‘Aggressive Doze Settings’.Fix-Notification-Disappearing-Issue-OnePlus-3-3T-5
  3. You will now be shown the aggressive doze and app hibernation settings.
  4. All the apps for which the aggressive doze is enabled will be listed here [along with the other apps as well].
  5. If the setting is enabled for your device, simply tap on it to disable the same.
  6. You could also disable the setting completely if you like!
  7. Done!

Try the above two things and let me know if this solves you issues. Got any other workaround? Drop a comment below!

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