Guide To Fix Google Play Authentication Is Required Error

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Google Play ‘Authentication is Required‘ Error is one of the most common error that keeps popping up randomly from time to time for some users. In case you are affected by it, here we have some quick guides to help you fix  Google Play Authentication Is Required Error.

Google is the worlds top internet company. But wait are they just a successful search engine? Or one of its kind that owns the whole tech market?  Can you totally be independent of Google services while using your smartphone? Or internet? From a successful search engine to the operating system and much more. Even the apps that you use needs Google’s support in one way or another. You will realize this fact only when you encounter a problem with logging in or some authentication issues arise with the apps. You will totally have to depend on Google services to access what you wish for. But in some situations, there will be errors. One kind of error you might face is ‘Authentication is required’ error. If you face this issue and you wish to head out the situation right away you are on the right track. In this post, we discuss the fixes for ‘Authentication is required’ error in Google play store.

Fix for ‘Authentication is Required’ error in Google Play Store

If you are using an Android device and if you don’t have google Google services support then your phone can be just a calling device, a music player or just a portable mini camera for you. If you really want to make use of the features of a smartphone then the obvious thing that you have do is to use the apps. Literally, you cannot even use an Android device without applications. But the errors such as ‘authentication is required error’ may pop up once in a while. This happens usually when you download a new app from Google play store. The issues still arise and it is not still fixed permanently. But you can easily fix this issue by many methods and the easiest are listed below.

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Fix 1: Remove Google account from the phone

The error usually occurs when you install a new app from Google or update get Google services. Simply by removing the account and re-adding the account on the smartphone might fix the issue. To do this go to settings > Account > Google > select the account > remove the account .


To re-add the account, go to settings > Account > Add account.

Perform these steps and see if the issue is resolved. If not follow the rest of the fixes below.

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Fix 2: Clear the App data

Clearing the app data stored on the Google play store can fix the issue usually. The app data/caches are the created by the apps to perform its daily operation but never gets deleted automatically. So you should delete them manually.

Clear cache/ data

To clear the app data , Go to settings > Apps > Google Playstore > Storage > clear data. After doing this force close the app and restart.

Fix 3: Uninstall recent Google Play store updates

The issue may arise due to the recent updates in the application. If formatting the cache didn’t work, then try deleting the new updates.

Uninstall recent updates

To do this go to settings > Apps > Google play store > click on ‘Uninstall updates’. Performing this is going going to revert back the app to its default factory version.

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Then install the latest version of the Google Play Store. To install the latest version of application follow the below steps

  • Download the latest version from this link.
  • Copy the apk file that you have Downloaded to the internal storage.
  • Turn on the permission of ‘unknown sources’ from settings.
  • Use the file explorer and find the apk file. Then click install.

By now you will be using the latest version of Google play store. This might fix the issue.

Fix 4: Hard reset the device

Consider this as a final resort. Hard resetting can wipe off all the datas that is stored in your device and reverse it back to the stage at which you received the handset right out of the store. So back up all the datas before resetting the device. You can either back up the files in an external storage unit or in cloud services like Google drive or Dropbox. So after resetting the device you can easily synchronize the files.

To hard reset go to settings > back up and reset > factory data reset.  

There are a few troubleshooting tips that should help you fix the issues of  ‘Google Play Authentication Required‘ error in your Android phone.

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