Fix Contacts Sync Issue Between Android and iOS Devices

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Syncing contacts between iOS and Android could get troublesome most of the times. If you are Searching for a Fix for the Contacts Syncing issue Between the Android and iOS Devices, we have just the guide for you. Read ahead to know how to fix Contacts Sync Issue Between iOS and Android Devices.

In the Earlier day’s when we were using cell phones, it was little time consuming and there was manual process involved to move the contacts and saved stuff to our new device or to other devices but luckily, the introduction of smartphones has made it much easier by introducing sync option where you just have to enter your Google or Apple ID and your Android/iOS device syncs all the contacts associated with the account easily in a matter of seconds. Well sometimes due to some technical glitches, issues can arise while in the process of syncing contacts. Since the problem is very rare, it is really difficult to come up with a universal fix that would work for everyone. On the other hand for the people, it would be a simple case of sync not being “turned on” and for others, it may take a whole lot of tips and tricks with their settings to set it right. So, Here’s what to do when you are facing Contact Syncing Issues Between Android and iOS Devices.

Method 1: Toggle Mobile Network

If “turning on” your sync option doesn’t do any good, you can try turning off data to your phone then wait for a moment before turning it back on. If these techniques doesn’t work, I would recommend you to try some of the things mentioned below:

  1. Drag down your mobile’s quick settings tiles and click on the Mobile data tile to turn off the mobile data or You can also try this in the Settings menu, but the location of this setting in the Settings will again depend on the Android version and OEM skin that you are using. For example: On Android Oreo, the Mobile data can be toggled off under Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile network.
  2. Reboot your phone ones.
  3. And now turn on the mobile data again.
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Method 2:  Force sync

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then, Scroll down and click on Accounts. This label might appear little differently depending upon your device’s manufacturer or Android versions. For example, on a Huawei/Honor device running Android 8.0+, it’s likely to appear as Users & accounts.
  3. After entering the Accounts section, you have to select Google and then turn off and turn on the toggle which is next to the Contacts.
  4. Then Alternatively you can just press on the Sync now button.

Method 3: Re-add Google Account

  1. You should try removing your Google account altogether and then re-add it. Coz there might be multiple reasons for this sync issue and this might be one of the reasons why those above two fixes aren’t working in your case.
  2. Select Settings > Accounts.
  3. Select Google when you see a list of all the added accounts on the screen.
  4. The option to Remove account might be present anywhere depending on your device’s make and build, but anyway it will be definitely present on this page. For others, you can find it hidden behind the three-dot menu button. Please Select Remove or Remove account to remove the Google account.
  5. Then, Go back to Settings > Accounts, click the Add account button and add your Google account once again.

Method 4: Clear your Contacts Storage data

This step is also one of the best alternative in fixing almost any other apps, so you can give it a try with the Contacts Storage and this is in case the error is not with your account or the sync but your contacts storage.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps(Apps & notifications, if it is on Android Oreo).
  2. Yet again this depends on your device’s make and build, you’ll either have to select Apps again or tap on “See all apps”  or something else. Likewise, you’ll either see a three-dot menu button either on the top or bottom. In any such cases, tap on it and select Show system apps (or Show system processes).
  3. Now, Scroll down to the ContactsStorage and select it.
  4. Then Select Storage once again and click on the “CLEAR DATA” button.
  5. Then you will find a pop-up card appearing and asking you to confirm your choice, click OK.
  6. Now Reboot your device.
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Method 5: Try Contacts Sync Fix

Contacts Sync Fix
Price: Free

This is a third-party app, i suggest you to give it a try if none of the above tricks work. It is a pretty good app available in the Google play store which is rated 4.4 by over 8000 users. You can Install this app by clicking the link provided above. When you launch this app after installation, all that you can see is a Fix Contacts Sync button at the bottom. So click on this button and the app will perform a check to see if any of your contacts are corrupted. if there are any, they might be disrupting the syncing process and you will be asked to delete them and this might help to fix your problem.

Method 6: Fixing the Contact Sync Issue Manually

Fixing the Contact Sync Issue Manually might take your little time and requires some patience too but i can guarantee you that it’ll yield a positive result. So this happened with my friends mobile, as he was using a Samsung mobile all his contacts were being synced to his Samsung account hence he was not able to sync it to his new iPhone, so in this case all you have to do is follow these below steps:

  1. You should disable the contacts sync to Samsung account by going to Settings> Cloud and accounts> Samsung cloud. If in case you are not able to do so, please leave it and skip to the next step.
  2. So now, open Contacts on your phone and mark all.
  3. Now go and select the Share option and save it to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.
  4. Now all your contacts will be Saved as a .VCF file.
  5. So now you will be able to open your Gmail account on a PC and click the drop-down arrow key.
  6. Then select Contacts. You can directly go to your Google Contacts page by clicking this link.
  7. By doing this it will open a page where you can see all your contacts stored in your Google account.
  8. So Now you can click the More option in the left sidebar and select Import.
  9. Once it is done, You will see a pop window asking you to select an account or source from where you want to import your contacts.
  10. Now Select the option CSV or vCard file.
  11. Now one more pop-up window will appear asking you to Go to the Old version of Google contacts, so Click it.
  12. By clicking it, You’ll now see the older interface of Google Contacts that allows importing contacts using VCF or CSV files manually.
  13. Now Click the More button on the top bar of the page and click the Import option.
  14. You should then click the Select file button and navigate to the VCF file you saved to Google Drive and select it.
  15. Then click the Import button. All your contacts will now be saved to your Google Contacts.
  16. Repeat the steps described above on your other phones and import them to Google account too.
  17. If in case you are afraid of the contacts being duplicated, you can remove or merge them easily.
  18. Now, Go to Google Contacts page and click Duplicates. You’ll see the list of all duplicated contacts there. Just select the option to merge them all.
  19. And go to your phone’s Settings> Cloud and accounts or Users & accounts or Accounts (it might differ depending on your phone’s brand or software version and enable sync for your Google account to complete.
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After completing all these steps, now you can check it out by going to your phone’s Contacts app and you should see all contacts listed on all your devices. Hope this extensive guide on how to fix contact sync issue between iOS and Android helps you find a solution to your problem.

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