Facetime for Android: Know how with these Android Alternatives

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

iOS is one of the most famous mobile operating systems in the world. There are a lot of reasons why Apple is loved by millions of people around the world. But, in my opinion, one of the greatest strengths of Apple is its ecosystem. All of the apple products are so closely bound to each other and they communicate and interface with each other flawlessly. Knowingly or unknowingly, one of the top reasons why people don’t want to switch to any other OS is the Apple Ecosystem.

The Apple Ecosystem

If you are one of those guys who has recently made the switch to Android, then I am sure you would be missing a lot of things. And one of the top things that you would miss would be Facetime.

Not-so-surprisingly, Facetime is one of the top reasons why people don’t want to leave Apple iOS.

It is not news to anyone that Apps on iOS are well polished than their Android counterparts and apps is one of the biggest strength of the OS. And Facetime is sitting right at the top of all those apps. I mean, you could instantly Facetime any of your contacts in just a click. No signup. Just Apple ID. And you are good to go. I understand that that experience is pretty hard to beat. No questions there.

Facetime Experience

Now that you are finally on Android, you are probably breaking your head over how you can get Facetime on Android. Worry not, we have got you covered.

All the questions...

You might have all the below questions at the moment:

  1. Can I use Facetime on Android?
  2. What are the Facetime Alternatives for Android?
  1. Why Facetime is not available on Android?

We have tried our best to answer all your questions in the simplest way possible.

Can You Use FaceTime on Android?

If you have been using the Apple iOS or any of the Apple products, then even without your knowledge you are deeply tied to them. It shows especially when you make the switch to Android. I used an iPhone for a brief period of time, hell, even I miss Facetime.


The Facetime experience is hard to beat. It is so easy to use: No separate sign-up, instant calling to anyone on your contact list via the internet. Smooth, ain’t it? Let us give it to you straight: You cannot use Facetime on Android.

Apple ecosystem is a walled garden. Everything inside is so beautiful and simple but none of them can be used once you are out of it. Which brings us to the fact that Facetime video calls can only be used between Apple devices.

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While it is true that Android is very customizable, tweakable and everything, there is no Facetime for Android, yet. While this might sound very hard, the actual fact is that once you get to know all the amazing video calling apps (which works between Apple and Android, cross-platform) you may end up not missing it so much.

Check out these free alternatives which should bring you close to the dream “Facetime on Android”.

What are the Best Facetime Alternatives for Android?

Even in iOS, there are so many very good video calling apps available on the App Store apart from the Facetime. Luckily, all of their counterparts are also available in the Android Ecosystem too. Which means, you can still video call your favorite people who are still using an Apple device.

Below are our recommendations for the best video calling apps which will give make you forget all about Facetime for Android (at least a little bit!).


WhatsApp is the most used messaging client in the world. Even more than Facetime? Surprisingly, yes, even more than Facetime. Almost every single one of my friends and family on my contact list is using WhatsApp and yes, some of them are iOS users too.

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While WhatsApp was predominantly used for text messaging, video calling was recently introduced to WhatsApp. It was pretty buggy initially but now, it is safe to say that you can use it for your regular day-to-day video calls. My experience with WhatsApp video calls has been great so far.

With end-to-end encryption, light-weight experience, clean and intuitive UI, you cannot go wrong. This is our top recommendation because of the fact that this THE most widely used cross-platform video calling app. So, we are pretty sure that most of your iOS friends are using it too.

WhatsApp Messenger
Price: Free

Facebook Messenger

It is no doubt that almost everyone on earth has a Facebook account (or even two, maybe). Which is the reason why this comes second in our list of best Facetime alternatives for Android. While this may not be the best of the apps in this list, the fact that you can easily call anyone on your Facebook contact list makes it tough not to recommend.


As of the experience of using Facebook Messenger, it might feel a little bit heavy when compared to WhatsApp but it sure offers a solid video calling experience.

Price: Free


Skype is one of our top recommendations and we have our reasons. If you are in search of a solid Facetime alternative for Android, you must give Skype a shot. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration if I called Skype ‘The original video calling app’. Skype offered video calling way before WhatsApp and Facebook did… Or before any of the current major players did.


But somewhere in the middle, they missed out on reaching their target audience. Because, competition. Skype has made so many improvements in recent years especially to their mobile suite of apps. Which is no surprise because we all know that the future is mobile.

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Price: Free

Google Duo

Last in the list… but definitely one THE best out there. As with anything that Google does, this is a very clean, minimal, simple and straight to the point video calling app. Google Duo does only one thing: it makes video calls. Remember the clean, no-nonsense Google home page? Google Duo is that clean and that simple.


One of the highlights of Google Duo is that you would be able to make high-quality video calls even while you are on low-quality internet. If you like simplicity and are looking for a solid video calling experience, Google Duo is highly recommended.

Google Duo
Price: Free

Why Facetime is not available on Android?


The answer is simple. Apple and Google take a completely different approach when it comes to their operating systems.

Pixels and iPhones

iOS is proprietary software and it has a lot of exclusive features. If you want those features, the only way you are going to get them is by buying an Apple device, their product. Apple is a product based company.

While on the other hand, Google made Android Open Source. Thus making it reach as many people as possible. And almost every single Android device on earth has Google Services built-in. And Google is a service-based company.

Had Google also decided to make Android proprietary, then there may not have so many cross-platform video calling apps as we have today.

Final Words

Making the switch from Apple to Android is so easy nowadays. But we cannot completely forget the fact that not all of your expectations will be met. If you are sad to not see Facetime for Android, don’t be. Once you start using any of the above Facetime alternatives, I am sure you wouldn’t miss Facetime much.

Try out any of the above-suggested video calling apps suggested in the above list and you might just start loving Android as much as you loved iOS.

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