How to Extract Firmware from HTC RUU Files

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Flashing a stock firmware image is probably is the only way to get back your phone to life if it gets hard bricked. All the OEMs release the stock firmware images online so that users can download and install the firmware files if and when needed. These files are usually huge in size. Every manufacturer has their own format for the stock firmware. HTC’s RUUs [Rom Update Utility], whether in ‘.EXE’ or a ‘.ZIP’ file type, come in various formats, and are usually encrypted, so access to the files within is “restricted”. So, unlike system images from other manufacturers, you cannot simply extract the HTC RUU file.

Extract HTC RUU Files

As the HTC RUU files come in an encrypted format, you cannot simply extract the files in with an unzipping tool to get the files you need. To get anything meaningful out of the HTC RUU files, we are going to make use of the ‘Universal HTC RUU/ROM Decryption Tool’ by nkk71.

Steps to extract Firmware from RUU File

  1. Download and install the ‘Universal HTC RUU/ROM Decryption Tool’ on your Windows PC.
  2. After installation you will get the below files: extract-firmware-from-RUU-1Keep the folder structure intact. DO NOT change anything in here.
  3. Download and keep the HTC RUU file ready. In my PC, it is in the below location:
  4. Open a command prompt in administrator mode:extract-firmware-from-RUU-2Search for ‘cmd’ > Right click on ‘Command prompt’ > Select ‘Run as administrator’.
  5. Once you are in the command prompt, change the directory to the folder where ‘HTC RUU Decrypt tool’ is located. In my PC, it is available in the ‘C:UsersVDownloadsCompressedHTC_RUU_Decrypt_Tool_3.6.5-WINDOWS64’ folder. So the command looks like below:
    cd C:UsersVDownloadsCompressedHTC_RUU_Decrypt_Tool_3.6.5-WINDOWS64
  6. Next step is to run the HTC RUU Decrypt tool. Execute the below command in the command prompt:
    RUU_Decrypt_Tool.exe <Full location of the RUU File>

    For example, in my case, it is like this:

    RUU_Decrypt_Tool.exe C:UsersVDownloadsCompressedRUU_File.Zip
  7. Next, you will be prompted with a bunch of questions. Choose the ones necessary: extract-firmware-from-RUU-3Make sure to give ‘Y” for the question ‘Extract the firmware files [Y/n]:’. For other options, you can choose ‘Y’ for whatever you need.
  8. Sit back and relax! You might see a few error messages like below: extract-firmware-from-RUU-4YOU CAN IGNORE THESE ERROR MESSAGES!
  9. Once the process complete, you will find the extracted files in the location where the RUU File is located. The output folder name will start with ‘OUT’.
  10. Done!
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