Enable Google RCS Messaging on Any Android Device

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

You can now enable Google RCS Messaging on any Android device without having to wait for your manufacturer or carrier or Google to roll out RCS officially.

Google has been working with several carriers on releasing RCS, aka Rich Communication Services, to all Android devices. But due to reasons unknown, Google was unable to release the feature to the users in the expected timeframe. Is it because of the carriers? Or is it Google’s own fault? No one’s to know for sure. But all that does not matter anymore. You can now enable RCS text messaging on any Android device without having to wait for Google or your carrier.

Steps to Enable Google RCS Messaging on Any Android Device

  1. Download the Google Messages app from the Google Play Store:
    Price: Free
  2. Wait for the app to install. Once the installation is complete, scroll down and you will see ‘Join the beta‘ section at the bottom of the app details screen in Google Play Store. Tap on ‘Join‘ and wait for a couple of seconds for your email id to be enrolled in the beta program.enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-1
  3. Go back one step and again go to Google Messages app page on the Google Play Store. Now you should see an update available for the app. Update the app.enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-9
  4. Open the Google Messages app and set it up. Set it as the default SMS app if needed.
  5. Download Activity Launcher from Google Play Store and open it:
    Activity Launcher
    Price: Free
  6. In the activity launcher app, look for ‘Messages‘ and click to open it.enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-2
  7. Scroll down until you see the ‘Set RCS Flag‘ activity and tap on it.enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-12
  8. In the next screen, for ‘ACS Url‘ select ‘http://rcs-acs-prod-us.sandbox.google.com/‘.enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-14
  9. For ‘Set OTP Pattern‘, choose the option ‘YourlsMessengersverificationscodesissG-(d {6})‘. enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-15
  10. Click on ‘Apply‘. Note: Clicking on the apply button will not take you anywhere nor will you see any sort of confirmation.
  11. Now, go back to the Google Messages app and you should see a message stating ‘Messages just got better‘. Tap on Agree and follow the on-screen instructions.enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-10
  12. You will see a message stating ‘Setting up chat features. We’ll let you know when they are ready‘.enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-8
  13. Close the app and check back after 3 to 4 minutes and you should see a message stating ‘Chat features are ready for +91YourNumber‘.enable-rcs-messaging-any-android-13
  14. Done!

You now have successfully enabled RCS on your Android device.

What is RCS?

The text messaging as we know has been like this for a long time without any new features or innovations. Even though we have seen tremendous innovations in the mobile technology space, SMS or text messaging has stayed the same for quite a long time now.

Google wants to change this for good. With RCS, Rich Communication Services, you can share high-res photos and larger files, chat with a group, know when messages are read, or make video calls. In short, the native messaging app on your Android device should be capable of doing things that apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others do.

So, any Android user would be able to share a rich texting experience with any other Android users. Yes, this is an Android ecosystem-wide change that would benefit all the users, if implemented correctly/successfully.

I hope this guide was helpful in enabling Google RCS text messaging on your Android device. Enjoy the all-new rich texting experience!

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