Download YouTube Videos On Your Phone Using Any Browser

YouTube is the go-to destination for all your video needs. From cooking to rock science, everything is in there. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and any video you wish is just a click away. But, it is a total bummer that you cannot download from YouTube so that you can watch it later. Sure, there is a save offline option but that doesn’t help much given that the offline saved videos can be viewed from inside the YouTube app only. The other way to download YouTube so far is to download a separate app that lets you download YouTube videos. Using the method in this tutorial, you will be able to download any YouTube video from any web browser you want, without any separate app!

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Your phone need not have root access for this method to work, enjoy!

Download YouTube Videos from Any Browser

Follow the below steps to download YouTube videos from a browser of your choice:

  1. Go to on your
  2. Open the video you want to download and tap on the
  3. Remove everything written before
  4. Add two letters “ss” before and press
  5. Go to URL and tap on the quality you want to
  6. Select the quality and you are done. The video will now start
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Now you can download any YouTube you want without the help of any separate app!

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