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It has always been a tedious task to manually search and download stock Sony Xperia Firmware; the internet can be a big and confusing place. XperiFrim Tool changes all that. With XperiFirm you can seamlessly download sony firmware from official servers. Read ahead to know more and download XperiFirm Tool.

Sony makes all sorts of Android devices from smartphones to accessories. And they make a lot of them every year. So if you feel it is kind-of hard to search and download the Sony stock firmware, well, you are not alone. XperiFirm is a tool made by the XDA Senior Member IgorEisberg which helps the users to download Sony Xperia Stock Firmware. The XperiFrim tool connects directly to the official Sony servers and downloads the necessary files. Read ahead to download XperiFirm Tool for Xperia Devices.


XperiFirm Tool – Features

For anyone owning a Sony Xperia device, the XperiFirm Tool is a Godsend and a must have. There is no better way to download Sony Stock Firmware out there. Below are a few features of the tool:

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Supports All Xperia devices

The XperiFirm Tool supports pretty much all the Xperia phones and devices out there. Except for a few (really) very old device, the entire list of Sony devices is on the supported list. All the devices are listed nicely. This means that you don’t have to type or search for the files or devices. Simply click – select and download. As simple as that.

Automatic Update Checks

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If you have connected your Sony Xperia device while you open the XperiFirm Tool, it automatically checks for the latest updates. How cool is that?!

Resumable Downloads

When you are downloading large files over browsers, you may not be able to resume the download in case the download is interrupted. XperiFirm lets you pause and resume downloads as you wish.

Supports Accessories too

Apart from Sony Xperia Smartphones, you can download stock Sony Firmware for Sony smart accessories as well.

Download XperiFirm

You can get the latest version of XperiFirm by clicking below:

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How to Install XperiFrim Tool

The XperiFirm is a .exe file which does not to have to be installed. You can simply double-click and execute the file to open it. However, there are a few requirements which you need to make sure are satisfied before you can run the tool properly.

.NET Framework

.NET Framework is a must for the XperiFirm to run. Make sure to install the latest version of .NET framework on your PC.

Sony USB Drivers

Make sure to install the latest Sony USB Drivers on your PC for a smooth functioning of your tool. Get the Sony USB Drivers here.

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