Download Meizu Flyme OS 6 Stock Apps for All Devices

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

The beauty of Android lies in its diversity. There are literally billions of Android devices active today and none of them are exactly identical, unlike iPhones. Thanks to the openness of Android, manufacturers can customize Android to their wish. There are many different takes of Android by different manufacturers. While some are close to stock, others are nothing like the stock Android.

MIUI, Flyme OS, and Color OS are a few well-known extremely-customized versions of Android. Today, we have got the Stock Apps from the latest version of Flyme OS that powers the Meizu phones, Flyme OS 6. All the Flyme OS 6 Stock Apps in this post can be used on any Android device!

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Flyme OS 6 Stock Apps – Screenshots

Below are a few screenshots of the Meizu Flyme OS 6 Stock Apps in action:

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Download Meizu Flyme OS 6 Stock Apps

As of now, there are 6 Flyme OS 6 Stock Apps that are ported to work on all Android devices. You can download them below:

Flyme OS 6 Stock Apps – Single Click Download

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To download all the 6 apps in one click, please click below:

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