Download and Install 180+ Fonts for OnePlus 5T [No Root]

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A detailed guide on how to change the fonts on OnePlus 5T. OnePlus 5T is the latest and the greatest from the Chinese manufacturer. It is actually the first OnePlus phone to ship with the 18:9 display and it is good to note here that OnePlus has decided to retain the headphone jack, unlike the most manufacturers. OnePlus devices are extremely developer friendly and are known to get great support from the developers starting from the OnePlus One. Every single OnePlus devices so far have been well received by the modding community. Even for the OnePlus 5T, there is some active development going on as we speak. There is already a couple of custom ROMs available and also TWRP is available for OnePlus 5T. Today we have some great font for the OnePlus 5T and you do not need root to install it on your device.

Fonts for OnePlus 5T

Being the extremely developer-friendly device that OnePlus 5T is, we already have a working TWRP Recovery available for the device. Hence, this has paved some way for active development for the device. Today we are bringing you more 180 fonts which can be installed on OnePlus 5T without root! These fonts are collected from various source and we have gianton from XDA to thank for putting all of them together.

Download Fonts for OnePlus 5T

Below is a list of all the fonts that are available so far. The download links and mirrors are right next to them.

Please note that the installation instructions are in the next section.

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001. Lato UI B OPO:

002. Helvetica Neue LT HTC M8 iOS7:

003. LG Smart Gothic:

004. Nokia Pure v3:

005. Ubuntu:

006. Segoe UI WP8:

007. Trebuchet MS:

008. Roboto Light LP 5.x.x:

009. Xperia Z3:

010. Samsung Sans:

011. Tahoma:

012. Slate Pro (Blackberry):

013. Comic Sans MS:

014. Clear Sans:

015. Helvetica Neue LT Larger Wider:

016. Roboto CN LP 5.0.1:

017. Gotham Narrow Light:

018. Calibri:

019. Open Sans:

020. Open Sans Condensed:

021. Armani:

022. Comfortaa Larger:

023. Myndraine Larger:

024. Qlassik:

025. Comfortaa:

026. Ubuntu Taller:

027. Caviar Dreams:

028. Chococooky:

029. Rosemary: Link Removed

030. Sony Sketch:

031. Essence Sans:

032. Veggieburger:

033. Gotham:

034. Gotham Narrow:

035. Chinacat:

036. SJlover:

037. HTC Hand:

038. Raleway:

039. Cocon:

040. Cocon Lighter/Taller:

041. Sertig:

042. Helvetica Neue LT HTC/M8 Thicker CN:

043. Droid Sans:

044. Klavika:

045. Comic Sans Bold:

046. Asap:

047. PF Beau Sans Pro: Link Removed

048. Bariol:

049. Exo:

050. Quicksand:

051. Helvetica Neue LT Std Ultra Light:

052. Rix Squirrel:

053. Cool Jazz:

054. KG Miss Kindergarten:

055. Raindrops:

056. Komika:

057. Soma Bolder/Taller:

058. Delicious:

059. Gapstown:

060. Monofonto:

061. Product Sans: Link Removed

062. ohds5:

063. Tetre:

064. UVNTuyBien:

065. Zrnic:

066. Cantarell:

067. Fira Sans:

068. Source Sans Pro:

069. Estrangelo Edessa:

070. Helevetica Neue iOS7 Taller/Bolder:

071. Existence:

072. Nokia Pure:

073. Cleanvertising:

074. Cleanvertising Thick:

075. Archibald:

076. Bowhouse:

077. Handy:

078. Hildon:

079. la Cartoonerie:

080. Mix Demi Sans:

081. Passing Notes:

082. Shadows Into Light Bold:

083. Ultima:

084. Wendy:

085. Yelly Smaller:

086. Meego:

087. Cartoon VNM:

088. Helvetica Neue v2:

089. America Sans:

090. Cursive iOS:

091. Traveling Typewriter:

092. Segoe Print:

093. Roboto Condensed Light v3 Bolder:

094. Aleo:

095. Kontrapunkt:

096. 365 Fine Day:

097. Futura:

098. San Francisco:

099. Diavlo II 37:

100. Plentiful:

101. Diavlo II 37 Light:

102. Decker Bold:

103. Lato CM12S (OPO):

104. Galette:

105. Titillium Web:

106. Dax:

107. Dax Light:

108. VAG Rounded Regular:

109. Roboto43 Condensed Full:

110. Corporate Rounded:

111. Nyala:

112. Sansation:

113. Cabin:

114. Avenir:

115. Caviar Dreams Thicker: Link Removed

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116. Jolly:

117. HY Travel:

118. Arista Light:

119. Minya Nouvelle:

120. Decker:

121. Poetsen One:

122. Webly Sleek UI:

123. Webly Sleek UI Bolder:

124. Geometria:

125. Pycuaf:

126. Helvetica Neue iOS7:

127. Rastigo Bolder/Larger:

128. LG Smart Gothic Light:

129. Helevetica Neue iOS 7 Taller/Bolder:

130. Apple Mint:

131. Segoe WP8 Light:

132. Andrea Print Upright:

133. Bellota:

134. Aller:

135. Batman Forever:

136. Century Gothic:

137. Roboto Condensed Light:

138. HYHi Spring:

139. FR Hopper:

140. Apercu:

141. GoodDog:

142. Swedbank Sans:

143. MDWhitedrop:

144. TDawesome:

145. Neuropol X:

146. Neutraface:

147. Roboto 4.4.2:

148. Myriad Pro:

149. Scifly:

150. Quantico:

151. Proxima Nova:

152. Neutraface SC iOS9:

153. Baumans:

154. Dosis:

155. Storopia:

156. Montserrat:

157. Fira Sans v2 (Mozilla fonts):

158. Ubuntu Light:

159. Hypatia Sans Pro:

160. Andrea Print Upright Condensed:

161. Bauhaus:

162. SF Theramin Gothic:

163. BPreplay:

164. Overpass:

165. Roboto Light Google2:

166. MIUI:

167. Rix Love Fool (Vietnamese support):

168. Cartonist Hand:

169. Soho Gothic:

170. Xperia Z5:

171. Bonveno CF:

172. Pompiere:

173. Sugarcubes:

174. Coconut:

175. Rako:

176. Averia Sans Libre:

177. Lato Updated:

178. Josefin Sans:

179. Roboto Slab:

180. Segoe UI WP8 Light Condensed:

181. Encode Sans:

How to install and change fonts on OnePlus 5T

  1. Copy the downloaded font zip file to your phone’s internal memory.
  2. Make sure you have TWRP installed on your OnePlus 5T. You DO NOT NEED ROOT for this process, just the TWRP Recovery will do.
  3. Reboot your OnePlus 5T into TWRP Recovery.
    • Power off your device.
    • Press the Volume Down button and Power Button together.
  4. Once you are in TWRP Recovery, Wipe cache/dalvik cache [optional].
  5. Flash the downloaded fonts zip file.
  6. Reboot.
  7. Done!
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Fix for packages with unsupported symbols or boxes:

Flash the following zip file through recovery:

Enjoy the fresh new fonts on your OnePlus 5T!

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  1. I am on OP 5T android oreo (Oxygen OS 5.0.4) I get an “installation failed” when trying to install the Samsung Sans font. I have already wiped the cache when attempting this. Any help please?


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