Download Galaxy S8 Launcher APK [TouchWiz] for All Samsung Nougat Devices

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the only thing that any tech Blogg(er) talks about right now. The phone was unveiled a couple of days back and the initial reactions has been positive so far. People seems to love the idea of large screen real estate on such a small form factor. Just like every year, the latest flagship comes with a new revamped version of TouchWiz. I have only seen a few videos but I’m guessing it’s definitely better than the previous iterations. Today we have the Samsung Galaxy S8 Touchwiz Launcher available for all Samsung Devices running Android Nougat.

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download galaxy s8 launcher apk all device • Download Galaxy S8 Launcher APK [TouchWiz] for All Samsung Nougat Devices
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Below are some of the best Galaxy S8 Stuff that can be used on ANY Android device:

Galaxy S8 Launcher Features:

Below are a few key findings about the new TouchWiz launcher:

There are two styles if app drawers. Pixel Style and iOS style.

Pixel Style: Just like the Pixel launcher, you will swipe up from the Dock area to summon the app drawer.

iOS style: No app drawer. All the icons are laid out in the homescreen. Just like the iOS.

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Below are a few screenshots of the new Galaxy S8 Touchwiz Launcher in action:

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Touchwiz Launcher:

The launcher has been tested on Samsung Devices running Android Nougat, without any issues.

Click below to download the Samsung Galaxy S8 Touchwiz Launcher:

Download Launcher APK

Install Samsung Galaxy S8 Touchwiz Launcher:

  1. Make sure Setting > Lockscreen and Security > Unknown Sources is enabled.
  2. Open your favorite file manager and navigate to the downloaded file. Tap on it to Install it just like normal APK file.
  3. Post installation, go to Settings > Apps > Show System Apps. Select TouchWiz Home and clear data.
  4. As suggested by one of our users, if, after installation, the app keeps crashing: Go to  Settings > Apps > Show System Apps. Select TouchWiz Home and set proper permissions for it from here and try again. It should work flawlessly.

Troubleshooting Installation Errors:

If you get the app not installed error, follow the below steps:

1) Disable any lockscreen security and pin code
2) Add apk shortcut to do homescreen via my files
2) Reboot the device
3) As soon as you see anything on screen rush it and install the apk asap.

Below is a visual guide:

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25 thoughts on “Download Galaxy S8 Launcher APK [TouchWiz] for All Samsung Nougat Devices”

  1. By installing the latest version of touchwiz launcher, do we also get the google search bar widget as well as the weather widget..?

    • No. This is just the launcher. But you can get the exact look of S8 weather widget by following the tutorial here: until the actual widget is available. Regarding the search bar, i’ll post a workaround as soon as one is available. Hope this helps. Cheers!

      • Meh, i got it working on my note 5 running nougat. I had to restart the phone and install the apk instantly. Only then it would install. Weird.

        • True that. Read about that work around somewhere, but, thought that it was only for non nougat Samsung devices. Thanks for the insight on this, will update the article accordingly. Cheers mate!

          • You’re welcome! I installed all s8 apps but the InCallUI and the s8 Camera don’t work. As expected.

          • Sadly yes. *Sigh* I particularly like the new InCallUI in the S8. It shame that it doesn’t work on older phones. May be some developer will incorporate a working version in a custom ROM. Let’s see.

  2. Umm I installed the launcher & it works flawlessly. Thank you! Btw you should mention that after installing the launcher you need to go to settings > apps > set permissions for touchwiz home otherwise it will keep crashing and go haywire
    Btw my icons didn’t change. They are still the same S7 icons. Am I missing something?

      • Thank you! Very much appreciated! My S7 looks dope af now! xD
        Only one final touch remaining.. the weather widget.
        Please help get me the weather widget. The one in your post firstly I am unable to download and second from what I could understand at XDA the weather data it provides is incorrect and there were few other issues as well. Any alternatives? Or if what I read at XDA is incorrect can you provide me an alternative link for the widget.
        Thanks again! Cheers!

  3. when I try to install it on Samsung S4 its telling me that Parse error, There was a problem while parsing the package


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