Download Android Oreo Icon Pack APK for All Devices [FREE]

Download Android Oreo Icon Pack APK which can be installed on any Android device. No root required! Android Oreo is the latest and sweetest version of Android yet, from Google. Apart from a few minor UI changes, the Android Oreo is all about features and under the hood improvements. Android Oreo bringing Picture-in-Picture mode, Auto-Fill API and much more to the Android Ecosystem. Google has been busy with the development of the next version of Android as usual and it even released the final version of Android 8.1 to the public last week. Today, we are bringing you the Android Oreo Icon Pack for your Android device.

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Android Oreo Icon Pack

In the previous versions of Android, if you have noticed, you would have recognized that every app’s icon has it’s own shape, unlike iOS. All of the iOS icons follow the same design strategy. With Android Oreo, Google has followed a similar route. All of the app icons are now circular (or round?) by default. With the icon pack we are offering in this post, you would get similar Android Oreo experience on your device, no matter what version of Android your device is running.

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Here’s a little preview of what you are about to download:

Download Android Oreo Icon Pack for All Devices

You can download the Android Oreo Icon Pack for all devices directly from Google Play Store by clicking below:

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