How to Clear Documents and Data on iPhone to Free up Space

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

No matter how much storage the iPhone comes with, it fills up quickly. Plus, the absence of external storage could be a problem. In this guide, we will discuss a few ways by which you how you can easily clear documents and data safely on your iPhone to gain some extra storage space.

Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions nowadays on the internet on How to Clear the Documents and data on your iPhone when the mobiles storage gets filled? In today’s article, we will teach you on how to clear the documents and unnecessary data from your iPhone just to free up some space.

So first let’s basically understand what this “Documents & Data” really is, so that it will be easy for us to figure out some ways to clear all of it and have your iPhone work smoothly. These are nothing but cache files, cookies and miscellaneous data stored by individual apps and These documents and data come from a variety of sources including stock apps, third-party apps, and even iCloud documents.

Clear Documents and Data on iPhone

Here we have listed some of the tried and verified methods by which you can clear the Documents and Data from your iPhone:

Note: Before going through these methods please check in the settings of your phone and see which app is taking more storage so that it may help you while clearing the space.

1. Clearing Space from Apps document and Data on iPhone:

(A) Once you have checked the storage consumptions by the apps, offload the unused apps and reinstall them. By this you’ll retain the important data and features of the app and additional data will be removed from your phone.

(B) Deleting and Re-installation of Apps manually
If the data stored by the apps are not required you can uninstall the app and re-install it as this method will remove the associated data of apps in the phone and free up a lot of space.

  1. Go to General category in the Settings.documents-and-data-iPhone (1)
  2. Click on the iPhone Storage option.documents-and-data-iPhone
  3. Select the app you want to delete.documents-and-data-iPhone
  4. Click on Delete App and confirm.documents-and-data-iPhone
  5. Reinstall the app.
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2. Remove Multimedia Cache files:

Since all the purchases of your iTunes come under the media category, It may be categorized under Audio/video part of your storage but some of it goes into the documents and data on iPhone in the form of thumbnails and cache. You can clear some of the space by deleting your music and don’t worry as your iTunes purchases are synced with your PC which you can later restore.

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3.Turning off Photo Stream:

The Photo Stream option in your iPhone will automatically upload your new photos and sync them with all your devices through iCloud, soTurning this feature off will save you some space.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on the Profile at the top.documents-and-data-iPhone
  3. Select iCloud.documents-and-data-iPhone
  4. Choose Photos.documents-and-data-iPhone
  5. Turn off the switch right next to My Photo Stream.

4.Deleting data of Specific Applications from iClouds:

If you could remove data of some specific app from your iCloud it can help you in getting rid of unwanted redundant data and Documents. By this method, you can get rid of the cache file of some apps from iClouds.

  1. Go to Settings app of your iOS device.
  2. Click on your profile at the top.documents-and-data-iPhone
  3. Choose iCloud.documents-and-data-iPhone
  4. Tap on Manage Storage.documents-and-data-iPhone
  5. Select the desired app.
  6. Tap on Delete documents and data on iPhone.documents-and-data-iPhone
  7. Select Delete to confirm.documents-and-data-iPhone
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5.Allow only a few selected apps to store their data on iCloud:

If you restrict some data storage of app data on your iCloud, it will save your valuable time in future from cleaning up documents and data from your iphone. This method can be of great use and it will reduce your cache amount which is increased by iCloud sync of devices. Just follow the below procedure to do so.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap and open your Profile at the top.documents-and-data-iPhone
  3. Choose iCloud.documents-and-data-iPhone
  4. Turn off the switch for those apps whose data you don’t want to save in the iCloud.

You can always free up some space by clearing your unnecessary photos, videos, messages and you can also delete your old emails and attachments because the more your iPhone storage is free, the more it will work smoother so consider regularly cleaning your documents and data on iPhone storage.

These are some of the safest ways to clear data and documents on your iPhone without losing any of the important/necessary data. Know of any more ways to clear up data on iPhones? Do let us know in the comments below.

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