DJI Osmo Action Camera With Dual-Display Announced To Rival Go Pro

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Dji is a popular name in the drone industry. Dji has now gotten into the action camera industry. The Dji Osmo action camera is a rugged compact shooter with dual display. It will take on with the rival Go Pro camera. The price set for the Dji Osmo camera is at $349 or INR24,500.

The Osmo camera features a 1/2.3 inch sensor with 12MP camera. It also supports 4k video recording with 4k HDR. The camera can shoot 4k video at 60 fps. Moreover, the 4k HDR can be shot at 30fps. The Dji Osmo camera also has slow motion capturing at 240fps. It is built on the RockSteady technology which you can see on a wide range of drone by the company. The Osmo camera also features electronic image stabilization at 4k resolution with the highest frame rate.

There are two screens on the Dji Osmo. A 2.25-inch touchscreen on the back and a 1.4-inch screen on the front. The latter offers 800nits bright panel for use under direct sunlight. Being an action camera, the Osmo provides a casing that is dustproof, shockproof up to 5ft and waterproof down to 36ft. Moreover, there is Quick Switch physical button for toggle between picture, video, time-lapse and slow-motion modes. The same switch can be used to select which screen to use as well. There are two microphones which will record audio as well as can be used as voice control. The camera can be paired to the DJI Mimo app on phones through Bluetooth or WiFi.

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The Dji Osmo is currently on sale at their official website.

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