How to Control iPhone from Computer without Jailbreak

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

If you wish to control your iPhone from any PC or MacBook without any Jailbreak, then you are at the right spot.

Here you need to understand that controlling an iPhone is easier but most of them will only do it if they have a Jailbreak device. Therefore, we have brought it in front of you some great ideas.

You can follow these ideas and control your iPhone screen from your computer without any jailbreak.

So, without any further ado, let us get started with some of the key tips that you can use to control the iPhone from the computer without using the jailbreak-

1. How to Control it by using the Airserver 

Airserver is one of the best ways for controlling your iPhone from your computer or MacBook remotely. Some steps will make it easier for you to follow and control it.

Firstly, you need to understand how you are going to install it on your PC. So, open the browser and search for Once you have landed on that site, you need to click in “Products”, that you can find on the top options bar.


Now you can choose any option according to your needs, and there you can observe several possibilities. So choose the first option if you need to add it in PC or MacBook or any other option.

  • After clicking that you can directly download it, then choose the Operating System and windows version. Once it is done downloading, open it from the downloaded folder in your PC. After opening it, you can install that on your laptop or PC by clicking on Next.
  • Then click on the license agreement at the end and click on next. After that, they are going to ask you for an Activation key; then you have to select the option saying “I want to try Airserver Universal.
  • Choose any destination folder and click on next. Further, select the “No” option and again press “next”, finally you can click on Install and press the “finish” option. In the end, click the “try” option and again click on “Finish”. The installation is complete.
  • Meanwhile, for controlling the iPhone device, you have to follow some steps again to make it happen. Initially, open the Airserver, you can find it on the bottom-right corner of your iPhone screen.
  • For Airserver Connection, you should click on the option that says- “QR code for Airserver Connection“. Now it pops-up the QR code for you.
  • Now, on your iPhone, you can download the Airserver App available on the App Store. Once downloaded, open the Airserver App, now scan the generated code on your MacBook or PC.
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You need to wait for a few seconds and then it will show that it has been added successfully.

Now swipe up on your iPhone and select the option of Screen Mirroring.

Finally, you are done. Also, make sure if it isn’t working then you need to stop mirroring and again start it. Keep on doing that until you succeed, and your desktop name pops up on your screen mirroring.

This process will help you in controlling your iPhone from your compute without using Jailbreak in the easiest possible manner. It will get completed in a few simple steps and you can start controlling your iPhone from PC with the utmost ease.

In addition to this method, you can also opt for another method of controlling the iPhone from the computer without using Jailbreak- and that is- using ISL light.

2. How to Control iPhone by using the ISL Light 

If you are also someone who wants to control your iPhone while doing work from their PC, then there is an idea for you.

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Also, you can do it without making any effort, and it can be proved as one of your best choices. Since sometimes we need a bigger screen to control or work on certain things, therefore we need to control it. All you have to do is you can directly follow a specific step, and you can control it as per your need.


The initial step is to Download the ISL app and make sure you download it on both of your devices, iPhones, and computer.

Once you are done downloading and installing it, open that ISL application in your computer, and further start a session.

Also, on the other hand, you have to do the same with the iPhone, that means in both your gadgets it should be opened. Once you start the session, you can share the code of session that is available on your computer to your iPhone.

Once the connection is made, you will be able to observe the screen of the iPhone on your MacBook or Computer.

Just follow these steps, and you can easily control your iPhone from your MacBook or PC, whatever you desire.

Features of ISL Online while offering access to iPhone remotely from your PC-

  • It lets you securely access any iOS device via WiFi/3G/LTE
  • You can choose it to view the screen of a remote iPhone or iPad in real-time
  • ISL Online enables you to retrieve remote system information (CPU, RAM, battery, etc.)
  • You can use it for doing text-chat with a remote user
  • Opt for ISL Online to record a remote support session
  • Choose it to troubleshoot and resolve issues at customer’s site

Additionally, you can also use it for controlling any remote compute from your iPhone or iPad. Some of the key features you can expect while controlling a remote computer from your iPhone are-

  • You can use ISL Online to access and control remote computers from your iPhone or iPad
  • It will let you use special keys such as Ctrl, Windows®, Alt, and function keys
  • By using ISL Online, you will be able to send Ctrl+Alt+Del to a remote computer
  • You can use ISL Online to reboot a remote computer and resume the session
  • It will let you switch between the left and right mouse click.
  • You will get AES 256-Bit end-to-end encryption with ISL Online
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3. How to Control iPhone using iKeyboardRemote 

Similar to all other apps, this one allows the individual to control their iPad or iPhone from MacBook, particularly, when you want to access any file or to watch any movie or other multimedia contents.

You can pair your iPhone with your computer and once paired; you can remotely control it easily. This can be considered as one of the ideal apps for managing such works.


By opting for this app, you will be able to play your iPad/iPhone’s music without picking it up, plus it will also help you to do text input for your iPhone.

Some of its easy pairing steps are-

  1. For Mac, you should Click the “Pair” button and see the “Wait for connection” option
  2. For iPad/iPhone, you need to select “Settings->General->Bluetooth” and you will get the available Bluetooth keyboard which name will be the name of your Mac computer
  3. For iPad/iPhone, you should choose your Mac’s computer name item to finish pairing

Wrapping Up

Be it Airserver or the ISL Light; they are some phenomenal apps that allow you to control all your iPhones devices. Once you can comprehend that you won’t be having any confusion about controlling it. Therefore, try to make it step by step, and you will succeed.

We hope that these apps will help you in controlling your iPhone from a computer without Jailbreak in the most personalized manner possible. Feel free to update us which one amongst these

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