How To Connect Android Smartphone To TV [4 Methods]

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

With the advancement of technology, everyone is connected via some or other forms of technology with each other and we expect our electronics gadgets also to be connected and integrated with each other. In today’s digital world, we love sharing our memories with one another and what better way to share it with your loved ones via SmartTV. Smart TVs are equipped with hardware that allows us to connect our beloved smartphones to a TV via different methods. Many people are not that tech savvy and find it difficult to connect their smartphone to their Smart TVs. Here at ThemeFoxx, we will show you how anyone of you can connect your mobile with your TV. You can first use good old cables to connect your smartphone to your TV. If you have the right cables to do that, nothing is easier.


Gone are the days where we had to put our stuff on a CD and view it on a DVD player and also we want convenient ways of seamlessly mirror our mobile screen onto the TV.  You can do it completely wirelessly–so long as you have the right tools. ThemeFoxx will guide you with the 4 different ways to connect your smartphone to your TV, so you can easily and conveniently connect to your SmartTV.

1. Connect Your Android Phone to SmartTV via HDMI

Nowadays, all the Smart TV’s, be it of any brand are equipped with an HDMI port. Some of the Smart TVs are taking it to the next level by providing 4-5 HDMI ports. This is by far the easiest way to connect your phone via an HDMI cable to your TV.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface which is a convenient method to share our mobile on the TV. Due to High Definition, it means the quality of videos shown via this interface is relatively well defined. HDMI is a high definition standard for viewing content on your TV screen.

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You must first ensure that your Android phone supports HDMI output. Most people assume, but only a number of smartphones have this feature.

Cables You Would Need To Connect

You can see that two types of HDMI output ports on Android devices are basically available. The USB – C port is used by most newer smartphones as an HDMI output port. There are phones that have an MHL port – a high definition mobile connection port.


You’d normally be equipped with the MHL cables if your phone has an MHL Port on older HTC One or HTC One XL. You need to connect an Android MHL phone to your TV. Connect your MHL cable to your phone and connect the other end to the HDMI input port on your TV.

The HDMI output cable usually is not included as an inbox content for smartphones with HDMI output through the USB-C port and you would have to purchase either an official cable accessory or an accessory from a third party.

2. Connecting Smartphone To SmartTV Without HDMI

There are other ways to connect your phone to the TV without HDMI if connecting your smartphone via HDMI isn’t the choice – because either our smartphone doesn’t support HDMI output or you can’t get the cables needed, for some reasons.


Since Wi-Fi networks are now almost widely available, the wireless connection of your smartphone to your TV is so much easier. It is the most convenient and better methods out there to connect your smartphone to the TV. Important thing is that both the TV and the smartphone must be connected to the same WiFi network. You can check out these two methods.

Step 1: Connect via Chromecast:

Smart TVs can be connected to your WiFi internet with the help of internal hardware and features.Connect-Android-to-TV-4One of the best devices for casting mobile onto Smart TV is Google’s Chromecast. The Chromecast makes it possible for you to connect it to the HDMI port of your TV, making it a WiFi receiver to connect to your Internet Network. It provides seamless media streaming from your mobile to your Smart TV.

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Connect your Chromecast via HDMI cable to your TV. A power source connected through its USB port is also required. You can simply download the Google Home application from Google Play Store and follow the instructions to start streaming from your phone to your television.

Download the Google Home App

Google Home
Price: Free

Step 2: Connect via Miracast:

Miracast is an older application for wireless displays, which allows the user to wirelessly connect your smartphone to your Smart TV. Connect-Android-to-TV-6

The important thing to note is that WiFi network on both your TV and your smartphone must be the same. Then open the “Wireless Display” feature under settings or you tap the “Cast” toggle of the Quick Settings on your Android’s smartphone. This will show you a list of available Miracast screens to connect to and start casting your phone.

3. Connect Your Android Smartphone via AV Cable

Old TVs had this feature of AV cable connection which allowed us to connect our different old age devices such as a VCR. Previously some high-end Nokia phones, specifically N-Series phones used to come with an AV to Mobile connector cable as an inbox content.

But these days we don’t find this cable included with our smartphones as the technology has advanced and also we now have various methods to connect our smartphones to Smart TV wirelessly. But this method will be helpful when you have an old CRT or a flat screen TV with an input port with no HDMI. In such a case we need to make use of the AV / composite port, the only port on your television. Connect-Android-to-TV-8

You must know the correct method of connecting with these cables as they are a bit old fashioned and might work against your thoughts.

Tools You Would Need

You must have an HDMI output feature on your smartphone and for that, you can check with your manufacturer or search for the list of smartphones that support this feature. Also, an HDMI cable is required, be it via USB-C or MHL type of connection. Lastly, we need an HDMI to composite video converter like shown below and they are readily available everywhere which are also very affordable.

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This adapter or connector is required for the older TV which cannot accept videos in HD format and show them on their Standard Definition (SD) display and can help downscale the HD output into SD input for the TV. Finally, to connect a video converter with TV, we need an AV cable.Connect-Android-to-TV-20

With All The Tools In Place

If the steps are followed accordingly to the guide, then this method will work. But, there can be many factors such as compatibility issues or connection issues that might fail this connection.

You have to connect your phone and the input HDMI port on the converter to start this with your normal HDMI output cable.

The converter is then connected via a composite cable to your old TV. Select the AV input on your TV and see if the video output of your phone is now available on your older TV set.

4. Connect Your Smartphone Using Bluetooth

There is also a great way to connect via Bluetooth. But, this method has its own limitation as you won’t be able to stream data from your device to your big screen Tv via Bluetooth, but this can be useful in various situations.


In general Smart TVs will accept an audio streaming Bluetooth connection or there are Bluetooth adapters that connect to the USB port of your device and with the help of that you can stream audio from your smartphone.


There are a lot of ways to connect your smartphone to your TV. Wireless access is the easiest and convenient way of doing this by far of all these options. If your phone has HDMI output and the cable is convenient for it, and also an excellent option.

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