Change The Icon Of Any App on Android Without A Launcher


In the world of smartphone operating system, there are only two players- Android and iOS. Both of them have adopted different approaches towards designing their user interfaces. iOS focuses on simplicity and ease of use whereas Android focuses on versatility and customization. The UI of Android can be simplified but there is no way of customizing iOS except for changing the wallpaper of your iPhone’s home screen.

Icons are one of the most important elements of our smartphone’s user interface that we deal with each day. Sometimes we come across certain apps which are very useful but have a very boring and dull looking icon that makes us stay away from that app. Some of us hide ugly icons in folders, just so we have to look at them less. Some use launchers to change the icons using icon packs. It is a very easy process and any Android user can do it if he/she has basic ideas on customization. But there are some who like their phone’s stock user interface do not want to download a new launcher just for the sake of changing the icons of certain apps. If you are one of those, keep reading as I am going to guide you to change your app’s icons without the need of installing a third party launcher.

How To Change App Icons?

I have got you two apps that will help you to change your app’s icons without installing any launchers. None of these apps requires the permission for root access.

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Awesome Icons

Awesome icons by Momo apps let you change your app’s icons on your phone’s home screen. It even lets you select an image from your gallery as the icon. If your phone is running on any custom skins like Color OS and FunTouch OS which does not have the functionality of app drawer built in, it is very useful for you as this app does not support changing of icons from the app drawer. Here are the steps for using the app:

  • Download and install Awesome Apps from the Google Play Store by clicking on the link appearing below:
  • Once the installation is complete, run the app.
  • From the list of all apps installed on your device, tap the one whose icon you desire to be changed.
  • Now, choose your desired icon. It can be any icon from icon packs to a picture clicked by you.
  • Once done with the above step, tap on ok. You will find the app’s shortcut with the new icon on your home screen.
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Tip: Draw your own icons on paper and use the camera to capture it and select it as your icon.

Note: Android 8.0+ adds a small icon next to your customized icon. It’s not possible to remove that due to Android limitations.

Icon Changer Free

Icon Changer by Juyeong is another app which lets you change app icons by creating a shortcut of the original icons on your home screen with the desired icon. And by its name, it is available for free. In terms of functionality, it is almost identical to Awesome Icons. Here are the steps for using the app:

  • Download and Install Icon Changer Free from the Google Play Store by visiting the link appearing below.
  • Launch the app and tap on the app whose icon you desire to change.
  • Select a new icon. It can be from any icon packs or a picture from your gallery. You can even add filters to your new icons and decorate it.
  • Once done, tap on “OK” to create the shortcut on the desktop.
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Final Words

So, these are the easiest ways to get to change icons of any apps without the need of installing any third party launcher and giving up your stock user interface. I hope this article works the way it is intended to be. Let us know about your experience trying out the methods mentioned in this article in the comments section down below.

In case I missed to mention anything, please let me know in the comments section down below.

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    • I have already mentioned it in the description that it cannot change the icon of the apps in the app drawer.

  1. It needs a supporting launcher, it doesn’t work without a supporting launcher and Funtouch launcher is not supported.. no use at all..


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