How to Change Fonts on Galaxy S9 [Font Style, Size]

Fonts are one of the important aspects of the UI. In this guide, we will tell you how to change the various aspects of the Galaxy S9/S9+ Fonts such as Font Style, Font Size or even the font itself. Read ahead to know how to customize Galaxy S9 Fonts.

When Samsung made the switch from TouchWiz to Samsung Experience, they brought in a lot of customization options. Samsung even built-in a full-blown Theme Engine to customize the look and feel of the entire UI. Even before Samsung Experience, Samsung always allowed customization of the fonts.


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Fonts have always been an integral part of the Samsung UI Experience. So much so that, they even went on to make a new font for their UI called the SamsungOne Font. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to customize the Galaxy S9 font style, type and more.

How to Change Galaxy S9 Fonts

Samsung has made it pretty easy for the users to customize the look and feel of the fonts on Samsung Galaxy S9. But it has buried the options deep under the settings which could be confusing to some users.

In order to customize fonts on Galaxy S9/S9+, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open Settings. Tap on Display.Change-Galaxy-S9-Font
  2. In the Display section, tap on Screen zoom and font.Change-Galaxy-S9-Font
  3. Now you should be in the font customization section.
    • Font Size: Drag the slider in this section to adjust the font size to your need.
    • Font Style: The list of all the installed and available fonts will be shown here. Simply tap on the desired font and it will be applied automatically. If you want, you can get more free Galaxy S9 Fonts.
  4. Done!

That is all, now you can change font style on Galaxy S9/S9+ whenever you wish! The only drawback is that, by default, Samsung does not provide many options as far the list of fonts is concerned. But that too can be rectified, by getting more free fonts for Galaxy S9. Do check out our vast collection of free Galaxy S9 Fonts.

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  1. However, this is not changing the font size in text messages. You can increase it, but the change doesnt stay…

    • To change the font size in messages, try increasing the ‘Screen Zoom’. Let me know if it works.

  2. with message open, touching the screen, pinch and move fingers together to reduce size, apart to enlarge

  3. I would like to change my font color on my wallpaper from white to black, but cannot figure out how to make that happen. I have a Galaxy S9+. I have tried the above recommendations hoping that might help but it does not. Any suggestions?


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