10 Best Bypass Survey Tools and Remover Software

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Here we are with a solution for yet another problem that you might be facing, in this world of Internet. We regularly browse and download a lot of stuff whether it is multimedia, apps, themes, games from the web. There were days where you had to just one click on the download button to get your contents downloaded but now it’s not that case, always annoying surveys pops up on our screen asking to answer some questions and also some times asking to fill up our personal details like email address, contact number etc.. the worst part is when we start receiving some spam emails and messages after filling them up and since You can’t download any file without filling the survey forms, you sometimes end up filling it Whether you like it or not.

Say no to the surveys coz now we are here with some of the best and working survey Bypass tools, software where you can bypass all the surveys just by using these survey bypasser and remover tools to get much better browsing experience. So please don’t waste your precious time, use these survey remover software or extensions to bypass every type of surveys automatically.

Best Bypass Survey Tools And Remover Software/Extension

1. XJZ Survey Remover


Number five among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is “XJZ Survey Remover” which is an Extension for Google Chrome Browser. This tool is available to be added as an extension to the Google Chrome Browser and is very easy to do so. After its successful addition with the Google Chrome browser, you can use it from any part of the world as it has literally no geographical limitations which supports 350+ Survey sites doing pretty much well by providing the users with one single click survey removal option and totally no requirement of installation. This is user-friendly and is easy to use tool which you can try.

I know that It will be little difficult to choose the perfect ones by yourself  when you can find hundreds of such tools available on the Internet where some of them will be fake and unusable. So today i am listing 10 Best Bypass tools to remove surveys which is 100% working in 2018, just follow some simple steps which i have provided in this article to bypass any survey easily. So let’s get started with our first survey bypasser tool and if In case any tools not working, i recommend you to use a VPN like Psiphon for PC which will take care of that issue.

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2. Do Not Survey


Number ten among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is “Do Not Survey”, this tool right here is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which avoids surveys on websites automatically without your intermission, so make sure you will use this add-on if at all you are using your default browser as ‘Firefox’. This tool might affect the user experience while browsing as it even blocks out some of the other scripts which are really necessary for user experience, so I strongly recommend you to use this only in case if you want to bypass a survey when you are working in Mozilla Firefox.

3. Survey Smasher

Number two among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is “Survey Smasher”. This is regarded as one of the best tool in this field for removing surveys. The working pattern when compared to Survey Bypass is pretty much the same and you can find a professionalism in its user-interface but it’s easy too. Just paste the URL from the Website prompting you the survey page and it will start encoding the website to remove all the surveys with ease.

4. Survey Bypass


Number one among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is ” Survey Bypass” and this is the most popular survey remover software which is  very much simple providing the most user-friendly interface to its users. All you have to do is just copy the URL of the Website which is prompting surveys on your screen and then pasting it in this survey bypass tool and after submitting the URL It will automatically do everything to remove the survey. This application makes it look very easier to bypass surveys and you can access it by visiting surveybypass.com in any browser.

5. ShareCash Surveys killer

Number three among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is “ShareCash Surveys killer”, this is yet another smart survey killer tool that helps you to get rid of the surveys from any websites. This tool works way too similar to the other two tools which I have mentioned in the top, You just have to paste the URL into this tool and run it to get your job done. It uses almost the same method to bypass Surveys by encoding the pages of the survey.

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6. Survey Remover


Number four among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is none other than “Survey Remover”. With some really good features, along with the survey removal it also helps you to download locked stuff by using its content lock bypass feature. Bypassing Surveys through this website is also very easy like the other bypassing tools, all you have to do is pasting the URL and it will run that particular website surveying page for you to continue without any surveys. This is also an user friendly and easy to use tool which you can try.

7. Survey Remover Pro

Number six among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is “Survey Remover Pro”, this is also one of the popular survey bypass tools available on the Internet and one of the most used software till date on online. The survey websites supported by this tool includes CleanFiles, ShareCash, and File Locker etc. It will not only help you to remove the survey but also helps in removing surveys for downloading the full version of software programs, torrent links, compressed files etc from online.

8. ScriptSafe


Number nine among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is “ScriptSafe”, This one right here is a Google Chrome extension which helps you in blocking different scripts when you are browse through the Internet. Even though the ScriptSafe is not the best, it is worth trying because it helps you download the files from the website without having you to copy the link and post on a different website as It will do them with ease saving you some time.

9. Redirect Bypasser for Firefox


Number seven among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is “Redirect Bypasser for Firefox”, this is an Extension of Firefox browser. This tool here can also protect you from the infected URL which redirects you to unwanted websites and also helps you like a survey bypass tool. It acts as a multi-tasking tool saving you from the online frauds whenever you are being redirected to an unwanted website and automatically blocking the URL. This is also one of the best tool to remove surveys online having some really good user interface.

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10. All In One Survey Bypass Tool

Number eight among our 10 Best Bypass survey tools to remove surveys is our “All in one survey bypass tool” is one of the simplest, easiest and powerful tool available on the Internet. With maximum of 4 steps you will be able to bypass any given surveys, in first step all you need to do is enter the URL, then choose the file source, following it up with a click on the Bypass and download button which will help you to download the file.

Is it Safe to use such Survey Remover Tools?

Yes. It is safe to use these tools but however make sure you run this through an antivirus scan before installation which might avoid a potential risk to your computer.

You can also use this below technique if at all you don’t want to download or install any kind of tools to bypass surveys.

Alternate Method to Bypass Survey

In this second method we have to follow Javascript technique to remove surveys, so please follow accordingly.

  1. Use this URL http://pastebin.com/MJKzU5zR and copy the java code which is mentioned in the site.
  2. Now you have to Create a Bookmark and name it as “Bypass_survey” and paste the URL that you have just copied.
  3. Now this will allow you to Bypass any survey by clicking on that bookmark. This is really an easy method to follow when compared to all other methods coz as soon as you click on that bookmark the survey will be bypassed automatically due to the copied javascript and there is no extra effort of any kind of installation required.

So these are our 10 + 1suggestions to Bypass online surveys, hope this has helped you in finding your favorite tool to remove those annoying surveys.

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