Download Blackberry Launcher APK for All Devices

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

The rise of Android and iOS doesn’t really bode well for the once great Blackberry. After iOS and Android came to the market, Blackberry slowly but steadily started to lose its market share. Eventually, it has hit the rock bottom. That is when the manufacturer decided to take the leap into the world of Android and started launching an Android-powered smartphone.

It has also got quite a bit of fan following for it, to be honest. Today we are bringing you the Blackberry Launcher APK which can be installed on any Android device and no root is needed.

Blackberry Launcher for Android

Below are a few screenshots of the Blackberry launcher in action:

Download Blackberry Launcher APK for All devices

You can download the Blackberry Launcher for all devices by clicking below:

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Download Launcher

Install Blackberry Launcher APK on All devices

Download and extract the above .zip file and you will get the .APK file. Simply tap on it and install it as normal APK. No root is required for this launcher to work. Enjoy!

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