Download Blackberry Keyboard APK for All Devices

After being adamant for so long, Blackberry has finally bitten the bullet. No so long ago, Blackberry was one of the top dogs in the smartphone industry. But they were completely over shadowed and sidelined with the introduction of Android and iOS in the market. Blackberry realized that there is no future for its OS and has finally started making Android phones in order to survive in this industry.

They may not be the best seller but still, Blackberry has got quite a bit of fan following from it older days. Today, we are bringing you the latest Blackberry Keyboard APK which can be installed on ANY Android device. Most importantly, no root required for this app to work on your device!


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Blackberry Keyboard for Android

Below are a few screenshots of the Blackberry Keyboard for Android in action:

Blackberry-Keyboard-APK-All-Devices (4)Take a look at the below gif and you would be able to get a clear idea of how it works:


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Download Blackberry Keyboard APK for All Devices

You can download the Blackberry keyboard for All devices by clicking below:

Download Keyboard

Install Blackberry Keyboard APK for All Devices

Download and extract the above .zip file and you will get the .APK file. Simply tap on it and install it as normal APK. No root is required for this launcher to work. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you, thank you thank you.
    Lost my blackberry keyboard – other sites had bad apk’s yours worked – back in action


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