5 Best Twitter App Alternatives For iOS/iPhone


The Twitter App for iOS/iPhone has come a long way since it’s initial release. But still, there are some features and customization options that users would like to see in the Twitter app. Today, we bring you the list of best Twitter app alternatives for your iPhone. Enhance your Twitter experience on iOS with these apps.

Twitter, the online news, and social networking service are one of the most popular portals with over 320 million monthly active users. It was launched 11 years ago in July 2016. Today, it can be accessed from your PC and your mobile as well. Though Twitter has it’s official application for iOS users on the Apple App Store, many feel that the app lacks luster and refinement. There are many complaints regarding the performance of the app.

If you are one such who believes that you deserve more from the app which you use to access your Twitter handle, here is our list of the Top 10 Twitter App Alternatives.

Best Twitter App Alternatives

These are our picks for the best Twitter App Alternatives for iOS:

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If you are one who is looking for a fully featured Twitter client, Tweetbot is the app to go. It debuted 7 years back in 2011 and since then, is under constant upgradations. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing with its interactive interface and beautiful design but it goes above and beyond when it comes to functionality. The app really comes to life as you utilize gestures to explore your timeline. There’s a night mode as well to reduce strain on eyes. This app isn’t free but is worth every penny spent on it. Tweetbot checks all the boxes required to make a good Twitter client. You must be running iOS 9+ to access it.


Twitterific is one of the oldest Twitter clients in the App Store. Over the years, its undergone numerous revisions and makes up for a great alternative for the official Twitter app. It offers a night mode with options to change font size, style, and similar things. There is also an option to automatically set night mode according to the time. It has a theme engine to give customization options to the users. There’s a free version of the app but certain features like push notification, ad-free environment, and tweet translation can only be accessed after purchasing the Paid version.

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Uber Social

UberSocial stands out with its exclusive UI features, including the UberBar, which is a moveable menu for quick access to the app’s essential features, and the UberTabs, which come in handy when you feel like composing a tweet or viewing your notifications. There’s also a unique feature that’s called InnerCircle Management which allows you to choose a few select Twitter accounts as ones you want to follow closely. There are several themes to choose from so as to personalize your Twitter experience. Another important aspect is its integration with Facebook. The only drawback is it has many unnecessary ads popping up from time to time which can be get rid of by purchasing the paid version.


If you are someone who likes minimalistic approach to your interface, EchoFon is the app to go. It has got a clean, simple yet productive user interface. It has got support for tweet expansion beyond the Twitter’s character limit. One can have multiple accounts and manage those accounts from different places by syncing with the desktop version of Echofon. The only thing that bugged me is the inability to save drafts to tweet them later according to our convenience. Overall it is a great application for those who are looking for performance and cross-device syncing. 

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Twitterrific is the oldest Twitter client available on the App Store. It is present in App Store since 2008 when the first iPhone was launched. Since then, the app has continued to develop itself to stand out in the crowd. It’s not like any other Twitter clients available. It may not have any revolutionary feature but its users will agree that it is awesome. Twitterrific may be about simplicity, but it still gets the job done. There are only two themes to choose from- light and dark. It supports multiple accounts, tweet syncing and there is support for in-app gesture navigations as well. If you are a Twitter power user, you must give it a try.


The list isn’t in any particular order. But if I had to pick up a winner, I will choose Twitterrific. Saying so, you won’t feel disappointed by using any of those listed above.

Which one of the above apps do you prefer the most? Let us know about your choices and experiences in the comments down below.

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