10 Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps (Music, Fitness & More)

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Samsung Gear S3 Classic are some of the best smartwatches available right now. Even after the arrival of Samsung Gear Sport, there are still a lot of takers of the Samsung Gear S3 duo.

The Gear S3 Frontier and Classic watches have a uniquely wonderful rotating bezel, solid sports tracking mechanism, and health features. Added to that, the smartwatches run on one of the most intuitive smartwatch operating systems – Tizen.

While Samsung has made a solid watch OS out of Tizen, it is still lacking in one of the most needed area – apps. That doesn’t mean that the Samsung Gear S3 does not have any apps at all. Most of the much-needed apps are already available for download.

Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps

While it comes to apps, even though the Gear S3 running Tizen OS is not as good as Google WearOS or Apple WatchOS, it does have some impressive collection of apps.

Even though the options are slim, here we have picked out some of the best Gear S3 Apps that the owners of the smartwatch will find useful in their day to day lives. Got any thoughts about our selections? Let us know in the comments below!



Spotify is an absolute must-have if you love listening to music on the go. It is a perfect companion when you are working out and the plus side is that you can effortlessly control the Spotify app with the rotating bezel. What is even more exciting is the fact that the Spotify app for Gear S3 supports offline mode which means that, Spotify Premium users can listen to the saved playlists even when they are not connected to an internet source. This comes in handy if you do not want to carry your smartphone for that long morning run!



If you like to customize how your watch face looks, then this app is a must-have. I mean, one of the advantages of owning a smartwatch as opposed to the traditional watches is that you can totally customize and change how you watch face looks whenever you want. If you are even remotely into that sort of things, then this is the one you want.

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There are over 15,000 different watches faces specially designed for Samsung Gear available for download from Facer. What’s more, you can even go as far as creating your own watch face, if none of the existing ones fit your needs.

Pear Sports


Thanks to Nike’s exclusive deal with Apple, Nike’s workout app is most likely never coming to the Samsung Gear Watches. Samsung has its own home-grown solution, the Samsung health – which is also a very good health tracking app and you are most likely going to be using that. But, if you are looking for an alternative, PEAR Sports may the app for you. Apart from basic tracking, it offers hundreds of workout training plans coached and delivered by famous athletes and coaches that cover various activities, including walking, running, cycling, and much more. PEAR has something in store for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro.

Here WeGo Maps


If you are looking for a solid Maps app for your Gear S3, it has got to be the Here WeGo Maps for Gear S3. I know what you’re thinking… Google Maps for Gear S3, right? As of now, Google Maps for Gear S3 is a bit… complicated. It is not the best option and hence, Here WeGo for Gear S3.

The Here WeGo Maps for Gear S3 has a stand-alone mode which means that you can plan your travel beforehand and cache that particular route on your Gear S3 and access later. Yes, you don’t even have to stay in sync with your phone for it to work!

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Glympse is a very simple but extremely useful app. What it does is very simple: It helps you let others know where you are. So, what’s so good about that you ask? That’s where Glympse’s simplicity jumps in. Let us say that you are in an unknown part of the town and you want to let your friend know where you are – you can simply send your GPS location to your friend via the Glympse app and your friend can get to you easily. It is that simple. No need to tap a million times just to send a location. What’s more, you can even request your friend’s location with a single tap. Ain’t that cool?

Find My Car



Find My Car is a super useful nifty little app that will come in handy if you just can remember where you last parked your car. You can mark where you have parked your car and with the help of Gear S3’s inbuilt GPS system, this app will locate you and tell you how far you are from your parked car. There are options to even leave voice notes to yourself when you are parking your car on unfamiliar premises.

Flipboard News Briefing


Flipboard is one of the best News Briefing apps available for smartphones and it is available for Samsung Gear S3 as well. And the good news is, it even comes pre-installed with the device. You may think that the screen real estate on your Gear S3 is so small to read any sort of news but Flipboard for Gear S3 is so well optimized that it perfectly displays the gist of the today’s leading headlines. You can even tap on those headlines to read the whole article if you feel like it. You can control the scrolling by either touching the screen or via the rotating bezel. Neat.

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At this point, you may not need someone to explain how the Uber app works. The good news is that the Uber app for Gear S3 is just as good as the smartphone version; they have not cut any corners. The Uber app for Gear S3 is so very well optimized and works perfectly. The screen on the Gear S3 is good enough for you to drag around the pin to the location you want it. The rotating bezels let you zoom in and out of the maps and they also help you to scroll through the list of available ride types.

Camera Gear


Camera Gear is a fun app that turns your Gear S3 into a remote photo and video shooter. The app streams an image from either your phone’s front-facing or rear camera to your Gear S3 where you can remotely capture or set a timer.

White Light


This is one of the simplest apps on this list but is very, very useful at times. White Light turns your Gear S3 into a mini torch by turning the display white and increasing the display brightness to maximum. It comes handy when you need a little light and don’t have your smartphone with you.

Wrapping Up

So, those are our picks for the best Gear S3 Apps. While you may not have the vastest collection to choose from, we are pretty sure that you wouldn’t miss out much as most of the essential apps are available for the Gear S3 running Tizen.

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