10 Best Podcast Apps for Android for Perfect Listening

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Podcasts are one of the best mediums available today to enhance our knowledge and explore new topics. If you have been looking for the best podcast apps for Android, look no further. In this article, we have compiled a list of best podcast Apps for Android.

It contains various digital audio and video files that the user can subscribe,  download and listen later. It has a wide variety of topics ranging from technology and entertainment to real-world situations making it a very productive tool for the user. Due to its efficiency, more and more people are using these apps and hence many of them are available on Google Play Store. But if you are confused about which App fulfills your needs, here is a list of 10 best Podcast Apps for Android that you must try.

Pocket Casts

It is one of the best podcast apps with a gorgeous interface, great features, amazing design and seamless user interface (UI) making navigation super easy. It has got many interesting features like cloud syncing support, automation features, variable playback controls, Chromecast support, Android Wear support and sleep timer.

Pocket Casts has almost all the ideal features that a Podcast must have and the company behind it have made this app as full-featured as possible with consideration to the beginners looking out for an app which is easy to use. On first opening, the app, the first screen that appears to the user is that of the featured podcasts where one can navigate to other tabs like top rated, trending etc. It also has an amazing listening experience and its synchronization system lets you listen to your favorite shows.

Pocket Casts allows you to search using filters to find the area of your interest and makes the searching experience way easier.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict a free App having almost all the features seen in the Podcasts Apps making it one of the best Apps you should try.  Here, you will be able to search among tons of podcasts and live radio stations being offered in different languages for your conveniences like English and Spanish and even add one using an RSS feed.

As the name suggests, this App has it all for its hardcore listeners from audio episodes, video podcasts and even YouTube channels and news feeds. It has variable playback speed, skip silence options, SONOS support, and Chromecast support.

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Podcast  Addict allows you to import the audiobooks on your device to the App helping you to play it directly from there and thereby making it convenient to listen to all the useful audio files from a single app.

If you are new to Podcast Addict then take a good look at the ‘discover’ section which categorizes the podcast channels based on trending, new, top audios and top videos. You can also check out the “Browse podcast networks” and “Podcast suggestions” sections to start off with the App.

The only downside of Podcast Addict is that the App is the small advertising banner that appears at the bottom of the screen but this can be eliminated if you go ahead to pay $2.99 to the app developer.

Podcast Republic

The Podcast Republic is another popular app for Android users which allows you to search keywords, episodes and stations. This app allows you to download episodes and add them in different playlists according to your convenience and can also make a backup in your phone’s internal memory to restore it any time in case you are worried of losing them.

The Podcast  Republic has a lot of the same features as that seen in the other Podcast Apps and us very well designed and free to download but may occasionally see a few adverts which can be removed by in-app purchase.

Google Play Music

YouTube Music
Price: Free

Google Play Music started support for the Podcast in 2016 for their users and can do many things apart from the podcast as well. Once you open the App and tap the hamburger menu, you’ll see a separate option for Podcast and you can go ahead and search for different podcasts and subscribe to them like any other podcast app available. 

This is a very simple app which doesn’t come with a lot of features. It has Chromecast and Android Auto support and is a great app to start with for anyone who is just a casual listener and already uses Google Play Music.


BeyondPod comes with a wide variety of features but is a bit older as compared to the other Podcast apps we discussed. BeyondPod lets you explore different podcasts of your interest from the wide range of topics it has. When you first open the app you are prompted to select a few topics like Android, cars, money etc that you may be interested in. This section can be skipped but it’s better to select a few topics that you want to know about. The next step is to configure the auto-downloading which you can choose to do over WiFi or even manually. After this initial set up you need to wait for a while to get your feeds updated. Meanwhile, you can explore the app further and search more Podcasts using built-in dynamic search.

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BeyondPod can import OPML file, backup, restore, set the sleep timer and even adjust the playback speed. It comes with Chromecast support and integrates with Feedly so you can read the RSS feeds. BeyondPod has a 7-day full feature trial after which you will have to pay $4.99 to upgrade to get cool features like multiple download support, device syncing and customizable playback speed.


DoggCatcher is a relatively old podcast app which is simple yet efficient for Android devices. It sports a fresh material design UI and has a massive library of a range of Podcasts which comes with playlist support, themes, variable speed and various automation and customization features.

After installation of DoggCatcher app, you will find a few popular feeds on your home screen but you can explore more by clicking on the “subscribe” in the hamburger menu of the app. This app has support for chromcast and Android Auto and is a paid app retailing at $2.99 (Rs 199 in India)


Stitcher App is a little different from the other Podcast Apps where the Artists have to apply to get their shows on the Stitcher network. There are many popular podcasts available on Stitcher except a few. To start off with this app you will have to first sign up for it and once you do that, select the topics which interest you. You will have to select at least one the topics to proceed. This app will then load the feeds related to your interest and later you can add more topics as per your convenience.

The free version has many common features that are usually found in any Podcast apps but if you want to have some additional features then you should try the premium version with an in-app purchase. Its an unrivaled app with a huge database of contents which knows what you like and recommends you some great stuff you never heard off.

Podcast Player

The Podcast Player is yet another free app available for Android users with which you can enhance your podcast- listening experience. Podcast Player supports offline download and helps you sync subscriptions across multiple devices.

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You can create your own subscription categories to organize shows, offers advance playback, intelligent silence skip, speed control and even automated volume boost. It has video podcasts and you can define headphone actions while playback. Podcast Player also lets you choose from different themes like classic, dark and black making it a great free app for Android users.


The Podkicker app is a little old one but frequently gets updated for its users. This is not only a good podcast app but also comes with a dark theme which will help you save your phone’s battery life.

Its a very simple app to use and you will find there are different tabs for podcasts, episodes and downloads once you open the app. The Podkicker allows downloading of podcasts, headset controls and features like “sleep timer” which helps you set a timer ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours after which the podcast stops playing.

If you use a phone with an AMOLED display then surely you will love this app called Podkicker but all these free features come with some frequent ads. If you want to remove them, you will have to pay about $1.49 and buy Podkicker Pro.


Podbean is similar to Stitcher app, you will first need to sign up before exploring the app. This is a free app which has the ability to allow you to upload podcasts. This Android app gives you smart recommendations based on your listening pattern and helps you customize your playlists, search the topics of your interest. Once you open the app, you will find various podcasts which are recommended ones, audiobooks and the top 100.

Podbean offers support for chromecast and Android Auto. This app can skip the silence from an episode and has a cool feature called Intelligent speed. It also has features like Playback, autoplay, next and sleep timer.

So these were our picks for the best Podcast Apps for Android that one should try. The Google play store has hundreds of thousands of Podcast App available making it confusing to choose one. So make sure you go through this article about the best Podcast apps you should try. Depending on your requirements you can go ahead to try any of them.

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