15 Best Magisk Modules for Android to Power your Device

Looking for a list of best Magisk Modules? We got you covered. Magisk Modules are one of the best things about rooting Android with Magisk. Magisk Module help you get a lot of useful extra features on your Android device. Read ahead to know more and download the best Magisk Modules for Android.

Magisk is one of the most sought out Android rooting solutions available right now. For a long period of time, SuperSU has been the most popular and the only rooting solution available for Android devices. And there is a reason why it was so: SuperSU was really good; unbelievably good, actually. Then came Magisk. A new rooting solution for Android devices from a developer who has no one heard of! But soon, very soon, Magisk has gained quite a bit of loyal fan following. That is a remarkable achievement, given that SuperSU was really good and super popular at the same time.


There are a couple of reasons why I think Magisk was able to get such fans in a short period of time. It was open source, constantly updated and it provided additional functionalities other than offering a way to root Android device: Magisk Modules.

Magisk Modules

Magisk Modules are add-on zip packages which can be installed via Magisk Manager. In case if you did not know already, Magisk provided a way to systemlessly root Android device. Before Magisk, rooting an Android device or installing a MOD meant that you need to modify the /system/ partition of Android which will essentially void your warranty. But with Magisk, you get to root Android without modifying the system partition.

And Magisk Modules are no different. Every Magisk Module offered a different functionality and all the Magisk zip files can be installed via Magisk Manager. And the important thing is, you still get the additional functionalities without actually modifying the system partition.

Best Magisk Modules

With Magisk gaining more and more popularity with every passing day, we thought it would be a lot helpful if there was a handy guide with a list of best Magisk Modules for Android devices.

Here are our picks for the best Magisk Modules for Android:

Magisk Module
Dolby Atmos
Pixel 2 Experience
Google Framework
Google Assistant Enabler
Google DNS
iOS Emoji
OnePlus Slate Font
Volume Steps Increase
App Systemizer
Terminal Debloater
EmojiOne Emojis
Hide Navigation Bar
Extend WiFi

1. Dolby Atmos

This module will help you enable the Dolby Atmos sound mod on your Android. When you install this mod, the necessary changes will be made to the system files and also the Dolby Atmos app will be automatically installed on your device. This is a great mod for everyone who pays great attention to the music on their Android device. Dolby Atmos app provides a lot of controls to tweak the various settings so that you can get the best audio out of your device.

2. Greenify4Magisk

If you are in the Android rooting game for a while, then you would have probably heard of Greenify. Greenify is a great app which helps you increase the battery life on your Android device by hibernating the apps that are running in the background. This magisk module is a very simple module just to make Greenify work as a ROM-integrated (privileged) app systemlessly (also known as Boost Mode), so you’ll achieve the best hibernating performance it could give, and faster than using the root option only. It’ll simply inject a folder with the apk into the path: /system/priv-app. If it shows Privileged at the app settings, then you’re good.

3. Pixel 2 Experience

If you want to get the Pixel 2 User Experience on your Android device, this is the perfect Magisk Module for you. Below are some of the things included in this Magisk Module:

  • Pixel 2 Launcher
  • Google Lens
  • Pixel 2 Google Sans Font
  • Pixel 2 Ringtones
  • Google Assistant Enabler
  • EIS Support
  • Camera2API Support
  • Night Light Support
  • Pixel 2 Accent Colors

Simply flash this mod to get all the Pixel 2 goodness on your Android device.

4. Google Framework

There are a lot of Apps by Google available on Google Play Store such as Google Phone app, Google Contacts, Google Camera etc. But non-Google/non-Pixel devices would not be able to directly download them from Play Store. When you install this Magisk Module, it injects Google Framework to your device thereby enabling you to download Google Apps directly from Google Play Store.

5. Google Assistant Enabler

On some device with older versions of Android, Nougat, in this case, Google Assistant is not available. This module will help you enable Google Assistant on older Android versions such as Nougat. For this Magisk Module to work, you must have Google app version and Magisk version 14 or above.

6. Viper4Android

Viper4Android is one of the most famous audio mods available for Android devices. It is still the most used audio mod. Viper4Android supports a wide range of Android devices and Android versions and that is the reason why it has gained quite a bit of fan following over the years. If you want to enhance the audio experience on your Android device, then this is the mod that you are looking for!

7. Google DNS

This module makes your device to use Google’s DNS servers ( instead of the provided by the ISP or Access Point. It is not guaranteed to work on cellular networks on all devices. Some users/testers say yes, others say that it doesn’t. On WiFi, it always works though.

8. iOS Emoji

If you are bored by the default Emoji’s that ships with your Android device and want to experience the iOS Emojis on your Android, this is the Magisk Module you are looking for. Simply flash this Magisk Module via Magisk Manager and reboot your device to get iOS Emojis on your Android device.

9. OnePlus Slate Font

The default font that comes with your Android device might get boring soon. This Magisk Module will help you get the refreshing OnePlus Slate font on your Android device.

10. Volume Steps Increase

This magisk module doubles the number of steps in volume adjustment for both media and in-call volume and removes “Safe volume warning”. Please keep in mind that this module may not work on some devices which come with heavily customized user interface!

11. App Systemizer

This module converts user-installed apps to system apps (systemlessly thru magisk, without modifying your /system partition). Now comes with companion App Systemizer application written by @loserskater, which lets you pick any user-installed app to be converted to a system app (reboot is required after you select apps to be systemized).

12. Terminal Debloater

Debloat your phone Systemlessly! With your own choices in Terminal Emulator menu. Just enter this command in Terminal Emulator:


And you will be presented with a list of apps inside /system. Just reboot and you will have it removed, systemless-ly

13. EmojiOne Emojis

EmojiOne Emoji is one of the best looking emojis available right now. Use this Magisk Module to get rid of the regular Android emojis that comes with your Android device.

14. Hide Navigation Bar

This Magisk Module will hide navigation bar on your Android device. This module sets “qemu.hw.mainkeys” property to “1”, which means “this device has hardware navigation key and we should hide navigation bar”. After hiding the navigation bar, you can use gesture navigation apps such as LMT to take care of the navigation on your Android device.

15. Extend WiFi

This mod changes your WiFi region to the USA so restrictions are less tight. This module is built for OnePlus 5 so there is no guarantee that it will work on other phones, although it may work. You never know!

So, those were our picks for the best Magisk Modules for Android. Did we miss any of your favorites? Do let us know in the comments below!

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