Best Custom ROMs For Pixel And Pixel XL

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

There are tons of custom ROMs available for Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Picking one out from the bunch, that best suits you might be tough. So, we have compiled a list of best custom ROMs for Pixel XL and Pixel. Read all about them and download the one that fits your needs!

Pixel was the Googles prestigious project. Since Google is an ambitious company it is obvious that the release of pixel means a lot to them. The Pixel devices are highly hyped prior to its release and technologists was curious about this device’s capabilities because it is ‘Google’. Google was successful in marketing the product as hyped. The product was one of the top sellers in the market and Google perfected the device by its recent release of their flagship pixel devices.

Since both hardware and firmware are built by Google, the developers can easily find the golden line of balancing and optimizations. The Android experience that the user gets is pure stock. If you are a fan of pure stock experience then most probably you won’t have to customize the Android experience but if you like to push the experience further or like to experiment with the potential of your pixel device then we suggest you immerse yourself in the world of Custom ROMs. Wait, if you are new to custom ROMs you should definitely know more about ROMs, its advantages, and disadvantages.

What Are Custom ROMs?

When you buy a new smartphone, the firmware that is pre-installed is known as ‘Stock firmware’. And if the device is operating on Android,  then it is known as ‘Stock-Android’. The stock Android experiences are officially customized and optimized by Google developers to enhance the performance of the device. The functionality and capability of your device will be totally decided by the manufacturer and firmware developer. So if you truly care about security and other stock experiences then you should totally go with the pre-installed version. But if you are someone who likes to take the performance to another level then you should definitely opt to flash ROMs on your Android device.

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Since Android is open-source developers can easily change its capabilities as they wish if they know what they are doing. The source code can be downloaded, recompiled and released so that others can install them and use it. The extra features can be added while customizing the ROM. The customizations make you stand out in the crowd because all over the world, users experience the same Android features. Flashing ROMs ain’t rocket science. It is an easy process but there is always risk involved. The warranty can be void if your device is rooted to flash custom ROMs.  Also if something goes wrong, then your phone can be bricked and to reverse the issue can be complicated.

So before flashing customs ROMs into your Pixel device, you should consider the pros and cons. If you decide to go with flashing custom ROMs, then here are the top 6 custom ROMs for your Google Pixel and Pixel XL.


Before going into further details about various ROMs, you should carefully go through the all the prerequisites in this section. This is an important step because flaws in any of the steps while flashing ROM can brick your device. The prerequisites are

  • The bootloader should be unlocked.
  • The Pixel device has to be rooted before trying to Flash the ROM.
  • Install TWRP recovery files that are compatible with your Pixel device.
  • The battery should be charged to at least 70%.
  • Back-up all the files before Flashing custom ROMs because the process erases all the data that have been saved in the device.
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Best Custom ROMs For Google Pixel And Pixel XL

1. The Pure Nexus ProjectBest-Custom-ROMs-Pixel-XL-Pure-Nexus

The Pure Nexus Project is based on Android Nougat. It is one of the most downloaded Custom ROM among all others. The customizations are built on top of the pure-vanilla Android experience. There are no bloatware and unused tweaks. Customizations like three finger swipe screenshot gesture, Volume key media access and control makes the Pure Nexus Project unique. You can download the Pure Nexus Project from the given link.

2. The Hexa ProjectBest-Custom-ROMs-Pixel-XL-OS-HEXA-ROM

The Hexa Project is the result of combinations of multiple custom ROMs. Hexa Project is based on famous ROM that is the CyanogenMod. The ROM is based on Android Nougat 7.1.1. The OTA updates make the upgrading process really fast and smooth. The main features that are highlighted in the present version are Signature spoofing facility, Pie controls that are in-built. The operation is quite fast and there are almost no system or app crashes. To download The Hexa Project tap on the given link.

3. WETABest-Custom-ROMs-Pixel-XL-WETA-ROM

WETA is based on Android Nougat. The specialty of WETA is that it is specifically developed for Music lovers. It mainly focuses on unique user experience and other world audio outputs. The quality they deliver is unmatched. The Dolby Atmos, Beats libraries and effects are pre-installed. It contains Sony Xperia z5 premium audio system and GApps. The annoying warnings such as volume high indicators are totally wiped off. To download WETA click on the given link.

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4.Bliss ROMBest-Custom-ROMs-Pixel-XL-OS-Bliss-ROM

Bliss ROM is also based on Android Nougat. The Bliss ROM too contains a lot of customizations. The operations are comparatively faster because there is no bloatware. Even though  Bliss ROM is at its primary stage, the firmware offers a stable and fast operation. There were no such issues reported by the users. The only limitation is that The Bliss ROM is only available for Google Pixel Xl and not for Google Pixel. To download Bliss ROM click on the provided link.

5. OctOS ROMBest-Custom-ROMs-Pixel-XL-OCTOS-ROM

OctOS is another custom ROM that is gaining its name in the market. This is mainly because the OctOS updates its ROM weekly. This helps the community to grow faster and it also helps in attaining perfection and evolution for the OctOS. OctOS had two versions that were based on Lineage OS and AOSP. The AOSP version was then discontinued. The OctOS can be downloaded from the given link.

6. Resurrection Remix OSBest-Custom-ROMs-Pixel-XL-Resurrection-Remix

Resurrection Remix is one of the most famous and most downloaded custom ROMs. The Resurrection remix OS is downloaded 1000’s of times for multiple Android devices. The developers promise regular updates and take suggestions from the users in the community. The theme engine makes the ROM exceptionally beautiful and futuristic. To download Resurrection Remix OS click on the link below.

So, these were our picks for the best custom ROMs for Pixel and Pixel XL! Did we miss any of your favorite ones? Do let us know in the comments below!

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