Best Custom ROMs For Xiaomi Mi A1

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

If you are looking out for Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Mi A1, this is the right article for you. There are a lot of ROMs and MODs available for Xiaomi Mi A1 and we are bringing you the best out of them. Read ahead to know the list of Best Custom ROMs for Mi A1.

Xiaomi made a huge impact on the smartphone arena by the release of its budget range device which is Xiaomi Mi A1. The Xiaomi had gone big in dual camera setups compared to its competitors. The brand claims that the camera set up matches with the premium flagship smartphones such as iPhone 7 or OnePlus. Surprisingly to an extent, the Mi A1 succeeded to achieve that particular camera quality level. This made the Xiaomi Mi A1 favorite among the competitors. The other features such as Snapdragon 625 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and almost pure version android experience made the device versatile. The perfection in ergonomics and stunning display of 1080×1920 pixel resolution catalyzed the sales of the device in the market.

Xiaomi Mi A1 came with Android Nougat out of the box and recently updated to Oreo. Most of the typical users are well satisfied with the Android experience the is built in but enthusiasts like me and you are never bounded by the limits. if you wish to push a step further with your device we are happy to serve you. In this post, we discuss mainly on best custom ROMs for you Xiaomi Mi A1. Before we go into talking about the best ROMs first let us see what is the difference between stock ROM and custom ROM.

Stock ROM

The stock ROM is the built-in firmware/ROM that you get while you buy a fresh smartphone. The features and performance are highly optimized with respect to the hardware by the manufacturer. For example, your device is clocked in a specific frequency that the manufacturer thinks is best for your device but that doesn’t mean your device can never be overclocked to increase the speed of operation. So by customizing the ROM, you decide the features you need out of your device.

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Custom ROM

As we all know Android is an open source platform in which you can access the source code from Google and build your own operating system images if you are a developer. This type of customized ROM is called Custom ROM. So after the installation of the custom ROM, it replaces the stock operating system and your interface is totally dependent on the new customized OS. We have seen a ton of not used OEM apps preinstalled by the manufacturers which usually garbage.  By customizing the ROM you get to dump all the OEM’s and is possible to bring a whole lot of advanced features to your Android device.

The customizations are usually done by the passionate Android developers and are published for free in certain Android enthusiast communities. The custom ROMs are frequently updated on the website and it provides assured latest bug fixes if there is any. You can even update your device into the unreleased Android version that is not available on your smartphone by using the custom ROMs.

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Best Custom ROM For Xiaomi Mi A1


To install the best custom ROMS for your device should first check out the below list of prerequisites.

  • Enable TWRP Recovery on your device.
  • Backup all the files before installation.
  • The battery should be at least charged up to 60%-70%.
  • Install all the USB drivers on your PC.
  • Downloaded zip file of the ROM you intend to install.

After checking all these requirements you are good to go and find the best ROM that suits your taste. The best custom ROMs are listed below.

1. Lineage OSBest-Custom-ROMs-Mi-A1-LineageOS

Download LineageOS


Lineage OS is evolved from the legacy of the famous custom firmware known as CyanogenMod or CM. The company made CyanogenMod which is known as Cyanogen.Inc has withdrawn its support which orphaned a lot of its users. But a few passionate developers who believed in the legacy of the CyanogenMod has developed its new iteration that is the Lineage OS. Lineage is the most famous and one of the most installed custom ROM for any Android devices. Lineage OS comes with a lot of new features for the Xiaomi Mi A1 model such as Customizable status bar, Theme, Navigation bar, Toggle features and more.

2. AOSPExtended ROMBest-Custom-ROMs-Mi-A1-AOSP-Extended

Download AOSP Extended


AOSP Extended is mainly based on AOSP source code which has features handpicked from other multiple projects. The AOSP source code based architecture provides delay-free smooth operation out of the box. The highlights are the updates that are promised to bring more features as promised by the developers. The AOSP Extended provides features like Status bar and Lock screen optimizations, AOSPA Pie, Theming and much more. The downloads have raised many positive flags. This is one of the most stable custom ROMS that you can download.

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3. Viper OS


Download ViperOS


Viper is one of the few new best custom ROMs, which is mainly based on AOSP codes. The ROM is famous for its customizations that the developers had selected from all CM, Lineage, Omni AOSPA, Etc. The Viper OS ensures the best equilibrium in the firmware performance and battery charge longevity.

4. CrDroid ROMBest-Custom-ROMs-Mi-A1-CrDroid

Download CrDroid


It is mainly designed to accelerate the performance and reliability compared to the stock Android versions. CrDroid is based on Lineage OS architecture so you have to use the kernels compatible with Lineage OS. This custom ROM is one of the few stable ROMs with almost no crashes while its operation.

5. Resurrection RemixBest-Custom-ROMs-Mi-A1-Resurrection-Remix

Download Resurrection Remix


Resurrection Remix is the wise integration of advanced and efficient features of Slim, Omni which is basically supported by CyanogenMod architecture.  The resurrection remix delivers the brilliant combinations of performance and optimizations. It not only provides features borrowed from other projects but also it has its own customized and optimized add-on’s.

There you have it. These are our picks for the best custom ROMs for Mi A1. Did we miss any of your favorite ROM? Which one do you like the most? Do let us know in the comment below!

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