Best Custom Kernels for OnePlus 5T

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

In this article, we have the best Custom Kernels for OnePlus 5T picked up for you. Custom Kernels really help you to take full advantage of your device and they also help reduce power usage. Read to know the best Kernels for OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 5T is the latest and greatest from the Chinese manufacturer yet. It is also the first OnePlus device to feature a more modern 18:9 display and that was also the key selling point of the device. All the OnePlus devices are known for having a fantastic community support. The reason is, OnePlus devices, in general, are very developer friendly. Unlocking the bootloader and rooting OnePlus device are as easy as it could get. OnePlus 5T has got several custom kernels available for it at the moment. Out of the bunch, we have listed out the best custom Kernels for OnePlus 5T in this article.

Custom Kernels for OnePlus 5T

Custom Kernels for a particular device, in this case, OnePlus 5T, let’s the user take full control of their device. Below are a few things that are possible with custom Kernels:

  • Overclock or Underclock the processor.
  • Ability to customize the vibration motor’s intensity.
  • Improved Battery life.
  • Control/optimize the speaker/microphone sound.
  • Customize LED Settings
  • Block wakelocks to increase battery life.
  • Advanced Display Color controls.
  • Much More
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Note that, not all the features mentioned above come with all the custom kernels for all devices. Some developer may choose to include or exclude the features as they wish. Read ahead for the best custom kernels for OnePlus 5T.

Best Custom Kernels for OnePlus 5T

Here comes the list:

1. ElementalX Kernel for OnePlus 5T


  • Backlight dimmer
  • Overclock or underclock CPU
  • LED settings
  • Block wakelocks
  • Adjust or disable vibration
  • Option to disable fsync
  • Does not force encryption
  • Compatible with systemless root
  • Much more.
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Download ElementalX Kernal

2. Blu Spark Kernel for OnePlus 5T


  • Stockish OP5 builds based on OnePlusOSS
  • ARM enhanced performance and battery patches
  • Several CPU Governors
  • Several I/O control tweaks
  • Battery/Notification LED control
  • Wakelock blockers
  • init.d support
  • Powered by Ubuntu 16.04.3 x86_64
Download Blu Spark Kernal

3. Flash Kernel for OnePlus 5T


  • KCAL color control
  • Backlight dimmer
  • Sweep2sleep
  • Sound control
  • Wakelock control
  • Vibration control
  • Disables dm-verity
  • Does NOT modify decryption status
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Download Flash Kernal

4. SimpleGX Kernel for OnePlus 5T


  • Better battery life
  • Overall better performance
  • Wakelocks control support
  • Completely optimized stock ‘cfq’ I/O scheduler
  • Much more
Download SimpleGX Kernal

5. New Kernel for OnePlus 5T


  • KCAL – Control colours on your display
  • Adreno Idler – (Battery saver without compromising performance)
  • Vibration control
  • Adreno booster – (New governor for GPU)
  • Notification LED control
  • Sound Control – Sound and Microphone control
  • Much more.
Download New Kernal

There you have it folks – the best custom kernels for OnePlus 5T. Install these custom kernels on your OnePlus 5T and take full control of your device!

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