Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Google Chrome has become the default browser on almost every Android Smartphones, Laptop and Desktop. Since its launch in 2008, Chrome has been the go-to browser for almost every tech lover. What adds to its features is that the user can install additional applications known as “Chrome Extension” which allows the user to add more functionality to the Google Chrome Browser.

Extensions are basically small programs or software that are based on the HTML, Javascript, and CSS platform that customizes the functionality and browsing experiences of Google Chrome. These programs are compressed into a .crx format which can be downloaded from the “Chrome Webstore.”

Today we are surrounded by the Digital World and the term “Digital Marketing” has taken an important place in the growth and development of any business. Digital marketing allows businesses to reach effectively to its customers via means of technology and Google has optimized this Digital Marketing experience for its user.

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing are some of the types of Digital Marketing which have been proven to effectively and exponentially increase the presence and sales of the business.

Google Chrome has developed a store where the user can download Chrome Extensions based on their needs. The “Web Store” has a huge number of extensions but this huge number always creates a doubt in the mind of the user that which Extension to install and which one to ignore.

This article at ThemeFoxx is focussed on those best extensions which can be used by the Businesses to improve their Digital Marketing needs.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Here are our handpicked collection of the best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing.

Pro Tip: There is a detailed write-up of the extensions but if you want to download them right away, you can make use of the below table!

Extension Link
Bitly Download
Buffer Download
ColorZilla Download
PushBullet Download
Ghostery Download
Diig Web Collector Download
Followr Download
LastPass Download
Sniply Download
Hubspot Sales Download
Nimbus Screenshot Download
Yesware Email Marketing Download
Mozbar Download
SEOquake Download
Evernote Download
Momentum Download
feedly Download
Pocket Download
Linkedin Sales Navigator Download
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Arguably the best link shortening website is the It also has its extension available to download from the Chrome Web Store. It is reported to shorten around 600 million links per month. This allows the user to shorten their links which they can edit and share across various platforms and also keep a track on the statistics of the performance of the link.



Buffer is one of the most effective software application available for both mobiles and web which allows the user to schedule their posts across various social media platforms and not only that, it also shows default time slots based on when the users are most active online. This application can prove to be very effective for digital marketers due to its features. It also has “Buffer for Business” which is specifically for managing social media accounts for businesses and corporates which features analytics for comparison, admin privileges and more.



ColorZilla is one popular app which was available for Firefox and now available for Chrome as well. It is an advanced color picker, gradient generator which can pick any color which is similar to Photoshop’s from any website at any zoom level which the user can use for future purposes. ColorZilla is still in beta phase and the user might face some bugs which are expected to be fixed by future updates.



Push Bullet allows the user to use all of their social media application which the use on their Android Smartphones on their Desktop/Laptop. Get notified of all the application on their desktop screen. It is very secure with an end to end encryption and also the app has been translated to over a dozen languages. Also allows the easy share of files and links between user connected devices.



This app allows the user to know who is tracking them which is a very effective feature for any Digital Marketer. It is basically a privacy ad blocker extension. It also provides anti-tracking, removes unwanted ads from websites and speeds up your browsing experience.

Diigo Web Collector


This extension allows the user to highlight and annotate specific lines and information from any websites. This is beneficial for Digital Marketers as it enables the user to highlight important information, capture the screen and bookmark webpages. It is also an effective research tool for content writers and researchers.



As the name suggests Followr would help the digital marketers to add more followers to their Twitter account. This extension helps to gain real followers and actually helps Twitter to not spamming excessively and in turn, rewards user using Twitter normally and maintain this good behavior.

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As a Digital Marketer, you require to manage and remember passwords to all your social media and other business related accounts which are nearly impossible as keeping the same password for every account is not at all safe. TO solve this specific problem, Last Pass extension allows not only to save usernames and passwords but also any piece of information from any website can be saved. It features all user customizations and is very handy for any business.



This is a very powerful app for a Digital Marketer to direct traffic to their website from whatever post or content shared on social media and across other platforms. This extension is best for content marketing as it allows to drive traffic to your website. It automatically detects links when you copy or paste and allows the user to add their custom message to the link. It also features statistics showing the number of clicks along with engagement level.

Hubspot Sales


Hubspot Sales is an Email Productivity tool beneficial and a must have for sales personnel, marketer or any marketing related professional. It seamlessly connects different Email service provider like the Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and others. Followup or lead generation emails can be formatted into a template and can be sent on scheduled time automatically.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Recorder


As the name suggests, this app allows saving the screenshot or recording important information from any website. This also allows the user to add watermarks on their screenshot for branding. Video can be recorded in HD, FULL HD or 4K resolution. Seamless sharing and other features in the premium version makes it a must-have for a Digital Marketer.

Yesware Email Tracking


Another effective email extension available on the Chrome Web Store is the Yesware. It has features that let the user know when and who opens their emails and they get notified. It also offers analytics for tracking engagement rate for campaigns. It has templates for Gmail which would help save time for creating a campaign.



The best extension for Search Engine Optimization available for Digital Marketer which allows customizing the SEO searches based on metrics like city, country, etc and to access the Web Page Authority or Domain Authority. It features the Keyword Difficulty score for any search term on SERP. Additional features can be unlocked by buying the premium version.

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This is an All-in-one SEO metric reviewer extension. It shows the social statistics of Social Media websites, keyword Difficulty of search terms, compare the URL domains with each other, shows Google ranking, Alexa ranking and other SEO parameters of any webpage. It is one handy tool which also has SEO Auditing tool for all dense SEO reports in a go.

Evernote Web Clipper


We have heard about Evernote organizer on Smartphone and this is a very effective tool to keep to save our ideas, thoughts, and experiences on the go. This extension allows the user to access them via any desktop/laptop. This helps the user to create clips of any webpage, save notes and tasks, create a to-do list and even attach images, audio or even search for words in a photo via automatic image processing. This is the best organizer and a highly recommended tool available for any Digital Marketer.



Momentum is a personalized dashboard which boosts positivity by showing inspirational quotes, weather forecast and set your daily task or goals. This app is good for motivation as it allows you to set reminders and to-do tasks, show links and bookmarks you saved. It also features a lot of personalized customization for the user to play with.



This is one handy extension that allows the user to save webpages, share them across various platforms. Basically, it allows the user to save all of their favorite web pages in one place and have access to them instantly.



A simple app that lets user download videos, images and saves webpages for viewing later even if you don’t have an internet connection. It saves all the piece of information which can be viewed offline without any issues. It is one great extension to have for a Digital Marketer when they come across something interesting.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a professional communicator with prospects and customer. This allows the user to save the prospects as Lead in their Navigator account. You can share your experiences with your team via team-link. This has two versions a free one and a paid one.


Well, that is all from our side. We hope these extensions help you make the most out of the Web in your Digital Marketing journey. We have compiled a list of the best extensions available for Google Chrome and this guide at ThemeFoxx will help the Digital Marketers to effectively use best extensions for their Marketing Campaigns.

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