Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extension for Shopping

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

E-Commerce has seen significant growth and shopping and getting products delivered to our doorsteps is the most convenient way. With so many discounts, coupons, offers, etc a user is bound to get confused about which site to go for shopping.

Best Chrome Extension for Shopping

This guide at ThemeFoxx is to cater to the needs of the shopaholic peoples who love to shop online. But, here is a catch, this guide will also inform you about some of the Google Chrome Extension that might save you a great amount of money while shopping online.

Pro Tip: There is a detailed write-up of the extensions but if you want to download them right away, you can make use of the below table!

Extension Link
Amazon Assistant for Chrome Download
Honey Download
Pricestarz Download
The Camelizer Download
Fakespot Download
Invisible Hand Download
CouponCabin Sidekick Download
Offers Download
eBay for Chrome Download
Gumdrop Download

Let’s dig deep into the extensions one by one:

Amazon Assistant for Chrome


This is an official Amazon extension for Google Chrome which lets the user pick the best deal available at Amazon. It shows the best-discounted products and also compares with other different websites. Almost everyone buys or shop products from Amazon, and this app caters to those buyers who trust the services and this app is the best for knowing the latest deals, offers, and discounts on the worlds largest e-commerce website.

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A true shopaholic does search for the best deal available and then goes ahead buying the product. Honey extension for Google Chrome allows the user to save a huge amount of money by applying coupons even though you don’t have one. Awesome, isn’t it? Honey applies the best coupon offer to your cart and you do not need to have a list of the coupon to try by yourself manually, Honey does the job by just clicking the button.

It shows the price history charts and also notifies the user when is the best time to buy when your favorite product goes on sale. You can also earn rewards known as HoneyGold Points that can be redeemed to a gift card or into real money. Probably the best app for shoppers in this list.



This changes your shopping experience on chrome by turning your search engine into a comparison engine. A fairly new extension out on Web Store, this provides the user with the lowest price available for a product by comparing across multiple shopping web sites. A true shopaholic extension which lets you buy your favorite products at low price.

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The Camelizer


An extension for Amazon which shows the price history of products in the form of a chart and lets you decide when to buy the product. Price drop alert can also be created which will notify the least price of a product. A simple yet powerful extension.



We buy products from Amazon and one of the reasons to buy a certain product is by going through the review and the product with the best review is often selected by us. This extension will let you spot those face reviews which are just put up by the seller or other people in order to gain more sale. It grades reviews as A or F which mean A as “Authentic review” and F means “Fake review.”



InvisibleHand is an extension that lets you know that the product you are buying is available for a lower price on another website. It also applies coupon codes, offers and discounts to the products in your cart. This not only works for a shopping website but also works for hotels, flight tickets and rental cars. This extension is available for customers in the US and UK region.

CouponCabin Sidekick


It gives access to coupons that are guaranteed to work on different shopping websites. It features real-time alerts for products, comparison of products, and also many cashback offers that can save you a good amount of money while shopping online.

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This extension is a bit different from others as it lets you know which web site is offering free shipping, more discount, and also applies the best discount coupon code to your cart and saves your money. It focuses on providing the best deals for customers across a wide range of web sites.

eBay for Chrome


This is an extension for eBay lovers which allows the user to know about the great deals, offers, and discounts right on their extension tab of Google Chrome. This gives all the information even related to an auction which is online on eBay without needing to open a separate web page of eBay.



What better way to do your shopping and also help the needy. Gumdrop app lets you shop and saves money by applying coupon. This app lets you share a part of your transactions to over 100,000 non-profit organization. This extension can apply coupon codes to about 40,000 shopping websites. A good extension to buy and donate.


The extensions listed above provide great deals and saves a good chunk of money if shopping is your thing. But, you must go through their data privacy policy and should install those extensions that allow privacy policies according to the user needs. Please let us know if we forgot to add an extension that could help the shoppers.

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