Best Auto Clicker Apps For Android Games [4 Apps]

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

An Autoclicker app is designed and programmed to interact with point and click based apps or games by tapping the points on the screen automatically.

Auto clicking apps are simple yet powerful because a lot of thought process went behind the development of such apps, and it also provides other useful automation features, such as image detection and button detection. Embedded with advanced features, you may only need auto-clicking, which is the main focus of such applications.

Best Auto Click Apps For Android

Let us look at the top 4 best Android automatic clicker apps

  1. AnkuLua Game automation (No Root)Best-Auto-Clicker-Android-1-Ankulua

    This app is best for games in which you want to beat your friends for a high score but are not able to do maybe because of the difficulty or because the app has become too boring for you to play again and again. Ankulua: Game Automation will allow you to set a high score without manual input. If your apps or games require tapping or clicking as its interaction feature then, this is a great app. This app allows users to click on the image, type text, drag and drop from one frame to the next. This app is great for auto clicking applications and games where it completely removes the need for manual input and helps user auto click.

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  2. Automate (No root)Best-Auto-Clicker-Android-2-Automate

    This application is slightly different from other auto clicking apps. This lets you set tie based clicks. Basically, if you would like time inputs or schedule certain clicks at a particular point of time in any app or game, this app is the best one out there. In addition to setting up your Android to automate some things, apps and functions can also be activated easily. This will help you to set clicks at a certain point of time automatically on any app or game. One drawback is that it contains Ads which can be removed by buying the premium version of the application.

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  3. HiroMacro Auto-Touch Macro (Requires Root)Best-Auto-Clicker-Android-3-HiroMacro

    HiroMacro Auto-Touch one of the first Android’s auto clicker apps. The major drawback is that it requires root and many people don’t want to void their warranty for the sake of this and hence it is rated very negatively in the play store. Apart from requiring root access, this app works flawlessly and has all the features one would expect in an auto clicker app. The only disadvantage of this app is it requires root access otherwise it is as good as other auto clicking applications.

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  4. AutoInput (No Root)Best-Auto-Clicker-Android-4-AutoInput

    Those who are looking for an alternative for Hiro-Macro Auto-Touch app that required root access to function properly, this app is the answer. This app works smoothly on an unrooted android device. However, you need to install a secondary app called “Tasker” on your device, because it acts as a plugin for this app. Tasker is a paid app but, you can get a 7 day free trial of Tasker to understand the features and the advantages of using this auto clicker app.

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All the above-mentioned apps are better than or have some disadvantages against each other but they get the job done. It is advised to install and check which app works fine for you as it may vary according to different devices. Overall, all the apps are great at what they do and surely would help the user to get rid of manual inputs on click-based applications or games.

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  1. Do not forget frep. This tool I am using since years. Reliable, fast and easy to build scripts. You dont need root, you dont need coding and it runs directly at phone.

  2. Ankulua needs root permission and an additional download from website to work. You should mention this.


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