5 Best Audio Recording Apps for iPhone for Seamless Recording

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Smartphones have been invented to provide all the basic as well as smart services to the users. There are various operating systems running in different phones which make them characteristically distinct. The two most popular operating systems used are Android and iOS. IOS is used in the iPhone, which was invented by Apple.

It is said to be a perfect blend of iPod, Computer, cellular phone. One can download apps dedicated to a specific service. These are available at the Apple App Store. There are more than 2 million apps at the disposal of the users.

iPhone Audio Recording Apps

In the olden days, one had to carry a separate device for recording audio.

That could be a phonograph, gramophone or a tape recorder. But now, that is not the case. Voice notes, music recordings, lectures, voice messages and other forms of audio information can be recorded so quickly with the audio recording apps.

They record the voice input or any audio input from the user.

It is saved to the assigned memory location, which can be the phone’s internal memory or the SD card and can then be played back to the user.

There are peculiar features of all these audio recording apps which make them fit for use for specific purposes.

The apps for audio recording on an iPhone can be downloaded from the official Apple App Store. They get surveyed and reviewed by technology experts.

Here’s a list of the top 5 audio recording apps for iPhones.

Voice Memo

It is an audio recording app that is preinstalled in all iPhones.

It is available free of cost and is present in the ‘Extras’ folder on an iPhone. One can quickly start recording with it in a single click. The audio file is stored with the name ‘new recording’ suffixed with an indexed number.

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It uses the built-in microphone and has a straightforward user interface. It is compatible with the Apple watches and has the feature of audio trimming.

Some of the key highlights of Voice Memo that enable it to secure a place in best audio recording apps for iPhone-

  • It can automatically sync across your iPhone, Mac, iPad, or iCloud
  • It lets you rename recordings with Scribble or Dictation
  • Use it to record by using a built-in microphone, a compatible external microphone, or a Bluetooth headset
  • You can choose compressed or uncompressed audio formats
  • It lets you pinch-to-zoom for more precision when editing
  • Opt for this one to quickly find recordings with the search feature

Rev Voice Recorder

It is a free voice recorder app that is available for all users of the iPhone on the Apple App Store.

It was built according to the feedback of the users to the previously existing audio recording apps. Hence it is entirely consumer-oriented and has features like an easy user interface.

Also, it can work in the background with other apps running in the foreground. It can cut off noise disturbances like phone calls, message tunes, and alarms.

One of the most peculiar features of this app is the conversion of an audio recording into a transcript. Although the basic app is free of cost, this has to be done on a paid basis.

Some of the highlights of Rev Voice Recorder that make it one of the top-rated audio recording apps for iPhone-

  • You can use it to record your ideas, lectures, memos, meetings and more with the utmost ease. This will let your audio will sound excellent
  • Opting for this one will let you organize and edit recordings on your phone, plus you can also share them via email, Evernote or Dropbox
  • With this one, you will just need to tap to transcribe and you will enjoy 99% accuracy and 12-hour turnaround
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Download Rev Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder and Audio Editor

This app is available for iOS users on the Apple App Store.

The free basic version can record audio in multiple formats. The storage of these files can be done in the phone memory, on the iCloud storage or the iTunes account.

Also, this app allows the users to open and access other apps while recording is going on in the background. It has a fantastic user interface with the facility of marking favorite recordings, sleep timer and speed listening.

One can do a loop recording as well. The paid premium version has the services of recording phone calls as well as translating the recorded audio clips to transcripts with maximum accuracy and precision.

Important highlights of this Voice Recorder and Audio Editor-

  • Unlimited recordings transcribe recordings and 3 D Touch
  • Text Notes, Cloud Support, and Share Recordings
  • Transfer Recordings, Multiple Audio Formats, and Call Recorder
  • Passcode protect recordings and Skip backward/forwards 15 seconds
  • Favorite recordings, Trim recordings, and Loop recordings

Download Voice Recorder and Audio Editor

Voice Recorder Pro

It is an audio recording app for iPhones that can be used for personal use as well but is primarily based on the audio recording requirements in a professional environment.

Editors, writers, and journalists can use it. The audio files one has recorded are convertible to other formats. One can add notes, photos, bookmarks, and timestamps to the audio record files. Also, the files can be trimmed, fragmented and merged as per the user requirement.

There are features for detecting, editing and eliminating silence patch, echo, reverberation, and distortion. The audio files can be imported and exported to Google Drive, iCloud Drive, FTP Server, and the DropBox.

Some of the highlights of Voice Recorder Pro are-

  • It lets you record voice memos and on-site sounds at unlimited length with configurable quality
  • It provides you recorded voices in standard AAC/MP4/M4A format and it can record directly in MP4 (AAC), WAV (PCM), MP3 (MPEG) formats
  • It lets you export to and import from Google Drive™, DropBox, Microsoft® OneDrive, Box Cloud, iCloud Drive
  • You can opt for this one to apply effects to the recorded or imported file including
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Download Voice Recorder Pro

iTalk Recorder

It is a simple audio recording app available for the users of the iPhone.

It can be used easily in hand-held devices for recording lectures and interviews. It has a user interface that is easy to use.

Also, there are features like sharing the files directly through email or via iTunes. It also provides access to AirDrop. It is quite easy to manage and append the existing recordings.

There is a built-in search function that allows users to search for files based on their names. The audio quality of the records is great. In addition to these features, there are advanced control features that can be unlocked by making some in-app purchases.

Important features of iTalk Recorder that make it one of the best performing audio recording apps for iPhone-

  • It offers high-quality handheld recording along with easy, convenient user-interface and controls
  • You can use it to email your recordings directly from iTalk, plus it offers support to iTunes File Sharing
  • You will get auto-noise cancellation (on iPhone 4), plus it also offers a built-in search function to locate recordings by title
  • It offers User-selectable Good, Better and Best sound quality (11.025, 22.05, or 44.10 kHz sample rates)

Download iTalk Recorder

iPhone and Voice Recording Apps

These days, the iPhone is one of the most popular and trending Smartphones.

The audio recording feature of this phone can be enhanced and used in a better manner with the use of the apps mentioned above.

Which one amongst the aforementioned audio recording apps for the iPhone is your favorite one? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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